Mohamed Sobhi reveals his position on the embodiment of the character of "The Gulaba Doctor"

The artist, Mohamed Sobhi, during his hosting of the "Eye Online" program, revealed his position on embodying the character of the Egyptian doctor Mohamed Al-Mashaly, known as "Doctor Al-Ghalaba", in a work of art.

Sobhi said that his colleague, artist Lotfi Labib, is the best suited to embody the character of "Doctor Al-Ghalaba", explaining that he is suitable for embodying the character in terms of form greatly.

The Egyptian artist added, "I know Dr. Mashali very well, and I have been following in his struggle and struggle, which is not possible to meet with a justification in this inhuman age, but I am of my opinion in terms of physical and form. The most appropriate actor can play the role. This is Lutfi Labib, may God guide him to health." As a character. "

Subhi added, "But as a soul and a mind, I love to play the role and do it, because this man must discuss the artistic work that is presented within the limits of being aiding the victor, otherwise we will remain in a long journey, and he is a man who has achievements, thought and terrifying satisfaction."

It is noteworthy that the Ain Online program was presented by the presenter Sherine Soliman, and it is an artistic program about stars, backstage and artistic festivals.