A study published recently in the prestigious newspaper

The New York Times

has unleashed a strong controversy by stating that Spanish and Portuguese people are not white.


'These are 922 of the Most Powerful People in America.

180 of them are black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or people of another color '

, the study classifies the most powerful people by race.

In the report, the American newspaper assures that

80% of them are white

, but not those born in Spain and Portugal or their descendants.

A classification that has sparked controversy and has been

harshly criticized on social media


According to the theory of the sociologist at the University of Chicago,

René D. Flores

, published this weekend on Twitter, the reason for this classification is "to classify anyone whose last name sounds 'Hispanic' as non-white."

However, he points out that people of

Middle Eastern


"such as Iranian-American Farnam Jahanian or Marc Lasry, who was born in Morocco,

are classified

as white."

Thus, people like

Pablo Isla

, Managing Director of Inditex and born in Madrid or

John Garamendi

, congressman of the Democratic party and of Basque origin, are part of the 20% "non-white".

According to Flores, "the reading of Iberian cultural signals as non-white and the classification of people from the Middle East as white is a uniquely American phenomenon. This is a good example of how the limits of" white ", along with the rest of racial categories, they change over time and are shaped by social and political factors. "

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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