Although "cat sucking" is good, don't ignore safety. my country's first animal injury diagnosis and treatment norms teach you how to "suck cats" safely

  On the 12th, the Chinese Medical Rescue Association issued the "Chinese Standards for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Animal Wounds", which is my country's first standard for the diagnosis and treatment of animal injuries.

  The "Chinese Animal Injury Diagnosis and Treatment Regulations" was compiled by the China Medical Rescue Association organized by more than 50 medical and health institutions and more than 200 experts across the country. It has formulated more than 20 common animal injury prevention such as dogs, cats, snakes, ants, jellyfish, and wasps. , Treatment and other standard of diagnosis and treatment.

Every year in my country, about 40 million people are bitten by cats and dogs, and more than 300,000 people are bitten by poisonous snakes. Animal injuries such as wasps, jellyfish and ticks occur from time to time. Severe cases can cause disability or even death, especially injuries caused by animals. The resulting tetanus and rabies seriously threaten people's lives.

At present, some primary medical institutions have insufficient experience in the treatment of animal injuries, irregular diagnosis and treatment, and high rates of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

  Guo Yanhong, Inspector of the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration of the National Health Commission: Many clinical diagnosis and treatment of animal injuries are common problems at our grassroots. The National Health Commission is to strengthen the standardization of clinical diagnosis and treatment of animal injuries, so that different regions and The diagnosis and treatment between urban and rural areas is gradually raised to a level of homogeneity that it should be.

  Experts advise not to have excessive close contact with cats, dogs and other pets, especially not to let pets lick the mucous membranes such as human mouth and eyes.

  If you are bitten by cats, dogs and other animals, clean the wounds in time.

  Wang Chuanlin, Chairman of the Animal Injury Treatment Branch of the Chinese Medical Rescue Association, Deputy Director of the Emergency Department of Peking University People’s Hospital: First, wash with soapy water and clean water alternately. After washing for a quarter of an hour, go to the hospital to be injected with immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine. Tetanus high-risk exposure must be properly prevented.

  Rabies is transmitted to people after being injured by animals infected with the virus. Once symptoms of rabies appear, the fatality rate is close to 100%.

Patients with severe tetanus can suffer from suffocation, lung infection and organ failure. Even after active treatment, the global case fatality rate is still 30% to 50%.

Tetanus vaccine is the most effective and economical way to prevent tetanus.

  Wang Chuanlin, President of the Animal Injury Treatment Branch of the Chinese Medical Rescue Association, Deputy Director of the Emergency Department of Peking University People’s Hospital: Our country has included the DTP vaccine in the national immunization program since 1978, which means that people born before 1978 have not been given DTP vaccine. Break the vaccine. People who have not been vaccinated against tetanus must fill the gap in tetanus immunity, especially for high-risk groups, such as construction workers, cooks and people who often work in the field. It is recommended to inject tetanus vaccine in advance.