A BNP Paribas agency in Grenoble.

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  • Has access to BNP Paribas branches been doubly hardened in the era of Covid-19?

  • A Facebook post shared by many Internet users is surprised to see the “visual recognition” required of its customers, who must remove their mask to show their face before putting it back on once inside.

  • This standard measure, however, has nothing to do with facial recognition ... and existed before the health crisis, as indicated by the bank at

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Between facial recognition and the obligation to wear a mask, which imperative takes precedence over the other?

At BNP Paribas, the two are complementary, if one relies on a viral Facebook post denouncing a double security measure within the bank.

This publication shows a poster on "visual recognition", visibly hung at the entrance of an agency, inviting customers, "for the safety of all", to "remove [their] mask to be able to access the agency ”before putting it back once inside.

"So, what is it that protects for the" safety of all "?

Wearing a mask or "visual recognition" without the mask?

“, Wonders ironically the author of the post, while some Internet users are surprised, in comments, that a facial recognition device is installed by the BNP.


However, this is not the case, as the bank confirms at

20 Minutes

 : “These posters appear in branches with a security lock [but] it is only a visual recognition.


This verification measure was also in force before the Covid-19 epidemic in agencies equipped with security gates: “[These controls] make it possible, to ensure the safety of customers and employees, to filter entry into the 'agency.


The fact remains that the Covid-19 epidemic necessarily complicates the situation, as BNP Paribas recognizes: “Anyone entering bank branches with these security devices is asked to remove any accessory preventing visual recognition.



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