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Amazon would have chosen to continue to market on its site items from its AmazonBasics range that have been reported by users as presenting a danger.

More than 70 references are concerned.

Some of the roughly 1,500 warning messages posted about them by shoppers date back to 2016, a survey conducted by

CNN shows

published on Thursday.

Among the implicated objects are phone chargers, microwave ovens, USB cables and document shredders.

Consumers have mentioned in their evaluations of these products explosions, severe overheating, the appearance of sparks or flames or the projection of chemicals.

Some buyers have accompanied their comments with photos.

The American media reports cases of injured people, chemical or fire burns and fires.

A range of products yet qualified as safe

Thirty AmazonBasics products are still on sale as at least three reviews mention a risk of combustion, the investigations indicate.

Several items reported as dangerous by their buyers, however, disappeared from the site after the publication of the investigation.

The phenomenon is all the more problematic as the references marketed under the name AmazonBasics are considered as safe by customers.

The products in this range (created in 2009) of highly demanded products at reduced prices are often highlighted on the site as "Amazon's choice" or "number one in sales".

Faced with the controversy, Amazon wished to detail the measures taken to ensure the safety of its articles and ensures that "security is [s] a highest priority".

“We know customers expect safe, high-quality Amazon products,” the company wrote in an email to

Business Insider


We apply a series of preventive actions to make sure.

The Seattle-based company cites tests done by independent labs to set standards, choosing reliable manufacturers, regularly testing products and monitoring customer feedback.


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