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They say that children and drunkards always tell the truth.

And you may

not believe it

and think it's another saying over the Spanish proverb hear the 5 minute interview last night made him

Pablo Motos


Moon Fulgencio

, one of the protagonists girls successful

Father no more than 1 February


Since last night

Luna Fulgencio

is not only one of the fictional daughters of

Santiago Segura

, since last night

Luna Fulgencio

is the 9-year-old girl who answered what many of us were girls and of those who are now would have loved it and would love to answer a question that should begin to be erased from the list of questions that for some strange reason is always asked to boys and, in particular, to girls.

At just 9 years old,

Luna Fulgencio

became all the girls in the world last night.

His passage through

El Hormiguero

was brief, too brief.

Also in

El Hormiguero

were guests

Santiago Segura


Toni Acosta


Luna Fulgencio


However, probably due to the security and distance measures that must be maintained due to the coronavirus, the night started with, let's say, the adult guests.

I am convinced that at home there were a lot of children anchored in front of the television waiting to see

Luna Fulgencio

(they were in my house), but those interviews with more than two guests are already very difficult to maintain and to get everyone to appear in the small screen.

Santiago Segura vs.

Pablo Motos

The 1.5 meter that the law marks is what it has.

So the interview began with Santiago Segura, director and protagonist of the summer film (and what remains), and with

Toni Acosta


Father, there is only one. 2 He

deserves all the interviews that can be given to him in

El Hormiguero


It has made history, by becoming the most watched movie this summer and one of the few, if not the only one, that got rid of fear and was released a little after leaving confinement.

You have to be very brave and Santiago Segura was.

The interview with the two adults was nothing special.

It is well known that

Pablo Motos


Santiago Segura

are good friends and, as the director said, "where there is trust is disgusting."

And all because

Pablo Motos

has not seen the movie yet.

Oh, if it were Will Smith another rooster would crow!

Between jokes, laughter and some other reproach between colleagues, the interview flowed as it always does when Santiago Segura sits in

El Hormiguero


The director and actor did not hesitate to confront Pablo Motos that they no longer had him as a collaborator and to warn

Pablo Motos

that instead of surrounding himself with youngsters (due to the latest additions to the team) he should have people older than him.

Jokes between colleagues, nothing more.

The usual when the interviewee is more than an interviewee.

We had to talk about the film, the success it has had, the role that

Loles León



Santiago Segura's


, asking for the Goya as best supporting actress for her, praising what it meant for the premiere Spanish cinema Father no hay más that one 2 in the worst moment in which a movie could be released, and to thank the public who with their mask, their separation and their hydroalcoholic gel bought their ticket and went to see it when fear was the shadow of all .

And between trailer and reproaches,

Pablo Motos

surprised his guest again, turning Santiago Segura into the second Infinity guest.

If on Tuesday

Mario Casas

became the first, last night he delivered the piece of watch that entails having gone 20 times to

El Hormiguero


Santiago Segura

, along with his gold chair, his gold cup and his Infinity card.


Toni Acosta

who was left without a watch, without a cup, without a golden chair and had to settle for taking a marker and a notebook.

Nothing happens, Toni Acosta will get to be Infinity.

But the third guest was missing, the girl who has conquered thousands of viewers for her role as Rocío, one of the daughters of

Santiago Segura


Toni Acosta

in the film.

Luna Fulgencio was missing.

I am convinced that if someone had imagined what a star she is made of, they would have been given a program just for her.

Without a doubt, today she is the television star, and not only because, as

Santiago Segura


, she is going to be the future Penélope Cruz, but also, if not because being the youngest, with only 9 years old, last night she gave a lesson that all boys and girls in the world should learn now.

Luna Fulgencio, the star of the night

I don't know why we adults insist on talking to children as if we think that asking them certain questions will make them more funny and they will feel more comfortable.

Let him raise his hand that being a boy, a girl has not been asked the million dollar question: Do you have a girlfriend?

There are many variables to this question.

There is the most direct and unfiltered one, which is whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and then there are those that ask the same thing, but it seems that they want to soften or, rather, those that try to make children blush and make children laugh. adults: Do you like a boy?

How are you doing in love?

Is there a girl who dicks you?

How foolish we can be when we grow up!

That of

Pablo Motos

last night was one of these second ones, it was a "do you like a boy, an actor, a famous person?".

And I say,

has no one realized that this question is the most impertinent?

That is, when you meet an adult, the first thing you ask is if he has a boyfriend or if he likes someone?

What not.

Well, why do we have the bad habit, and I include myself, of asking children.

First, what 9-year-old is thinking of boyfriends or girlfriends;

second, why do we take it for granted that as a child you have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend;

third, what need is there to bring out the colors of a child when we are aware that they are still children and that boyfriends and girlfriends are something more than trite that does not make them a bit of grace;

And fourth, please, that we are in 2020, that it is not necessary to ask these questions, that children are not thinking about these things, that it is not a question for children.

Well, despite all this, we adults have a habit of always asking the same question to children.

They did it to me when I was

Luna Fulgencio's


and older, even younger.

We keep asking children as if it were something funny, as if we thought that by asking a child that question, the child would feel more adult.

Well no, let it be clear to us once and for all, no.

That children are not amused (and I know it for a good reason) and that children are children and the boyfriends thing is not for children.

"I like Blanca Suárez"

If we were aware of this, the surprising and wonderful response that

Luna Fulgencio

gave him would not have been so surprising


"Yes, I like

Blanca Suárez


And of course, as adults we always hope that the answer is "I like Fulanito or Menganita",

Luna Fulgencio's



Pablo Motos

with a changed foot

, who only happened to reply (to the parrot) with a "but as actress, right? "

I don't know if the question or the reply is worse, really.

Well, she will like it as an actress or whatever, but taking into account that the person who answers is a 9-year-old girl, it is not necessary to clarify it, rather, it is that it does not ask or qualify, or cross-examine, or anything at all.

The question was unnecessary, but the reply I don't even tell you.

What if

Luna Fulgencio

liked Blanca Suárez with the intention with which the question was asked?


Luna Fulgencio's


was because Luna understood the question as an adult and not as a child.

She believed that he was asking her about the actor or actress she liked the most, as a reference, and she answered how she should answer, as the one with two fingers responds.

It would be better for us to copy the children more and stop bullshitting.

However, before the reply of

Pablo Motos


Luna Fulgencio

soon realized that the question was not about references or actors that you like.

She wanted to correct and did so by releasing the zasca that we all would have liked to release when they asked us that question: "No, I don't like anyone, I'm 9 years old, not 26."

My hands break from applauding her.

Hip Hip Hooray!

And yes, the impertinent question, the question that should not be asked to children (to see if it is clear to us) was made by

Pablo Motos

and Twitter was on top of him, but let's think a bit, let's remember,

who hasn't


a question like that to a child?

They continue to do my daughter, who is the same age as Luna Fulgencio, and she smiles politely, lowers her head and turns red.

Now, perhaps, you already know that you can answer and that you can clearly say that they are just children.

Let's empathize with

Pablo Motos

a bit


I know that the question was unnecessary, that the reply was even worse, that if we saved ourselves this kind of questions and cross-questions such as "but as an actress, right?"

the feeling that we have advanced as a society would not be a sensation but a reality, but let's not fool ourselves or try to go from what it is not.

I do not know anyone who is with a child and does not ask the same question that Pablo Motos asked last night.

The problem with

Pablo Motos'


, in addition to the question itself, was that asking the question in privacy is not the same as asking it in front of millions of people.

There, you play it and, of course, you lose.

Because the question is unnecessary, but

Luna Fulgencio's


shows that children are the children that we were, that children are clear that that of girlfriends, boyfriends and wanting to assign them something that does not correspond to them, is out of date , passed and that does not go with them.

And if you respond with education and self-confidence with

Luna Fulgencio

, it leaves you without a single shadow stick.

I wish all the children would respond as

Luna Fulgencio

did last night

, I wish all the children would leave

Pablo Motos

with the same face that

Luna Fulgencio


Pablo Motos

, I hope we begin to realize that children are children, but that they are not stupid because they are children.

That they are much smarter than us and that they do not have to be politically correct, that if a question seems like bullshit to them they can freely say, no, that I am 9 years old, that I am a girl and that the last of my thoughts is if I have a boyfriend, girlfriend or I am a half pensioner.


Luna Fulgencio

should be the idol of many, and not only of children.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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