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Galina Fedorova regularly appeared on the cover of major men's magazines like





Italian justice has opened an investigation into the death of the Russian top model found naked in the sea near a NATO base in Sardinia, the magistrate in charge of the case said Thursday.

His body was recovered on Saturday off Teulada, in the south of the island.

The young woman drowned

"The investigation is continuing and according to a first very preliminary report the young woman drowned," said prosecutor Enrico Lussu, from the public prosecutor's office in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, by telephone.

According to the account of his companion and photographer, Gerenius Tavarov, a forties of Russian-English nationality according to the Italian press, the couple had rented an inflatable boat for an outing in the blue waters of the Sardinian coast.

As they had taken to the sea to cool off, the dinghy broke away from its anchor and drifted away.

The man would have swam alone towards the mainland while the young woman tried, in vain, to join him, indicates the local daily Unione sarda.

The Cagliari prosecutor's office seized cell phones, a camera, a computer and a drone from the boat.

This one would carry traces of impact, perhaps following a shock with a reef or another boat, and the investigation has been opened for counts of manslaughter, believes Unione sarda.

Strong alcohol bottles

"We ordered the analysis of the content of these devices, a copy of which has already been made and which will be quickly returned to their owner," said Enrico Lussu.

The canoe also contained bottles of strong alcohol, according to the same source.

If the autopsy concluded in the drowning death of Galina Fedorova, the investigators wish to rule out any other hypothesis due to the proximity of the NATO military base, one of the largest in Italy, and the Russian origins of the top model and the photographer.

“More than 7,000 hectares (…) there is a firing school for unmanned missiles, vast areas used as artillery targets (…) for training special teams and counter-espionage.

Inevitable that in addition to the judicial investigation, the intelligence services were also put to work, ”wrote the

Corriere della Sera

on Thursday



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