Former CEO of Nissan Kelly Independent Interview Details September 11th, 7:18

Former CEO Greg Kelly of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. responded to NHK's independent interview before the first trial was held at the Tokyo District Court on the 15th of this month.

The detailed contents.

About the case

"I have not violated any regulations regarding disclosure in Japan. I have not colluded with Ghosn at all. I have never promised anything to Ghosn and there is no deferred compensation."

About the escape of the former chairman

"I wanted him to testify in court. There was no agreement, and he can testify that we were talking about being with Nissan for a long time after he retired. He He made the decision by thinking about the best way for himself and his family, and he must continue to take responsibility for that decision. "

Relationship with former Chairman Ghosn

"As CEO of Nissan, I focused mainly on HR work and the Nissan-Renault alliance. We are in a business relationship, Nissan's performance, talent, or the future of the Renault-Nissan alliance. I often talked about the structure of the car. "

Former Chairman Ghosn's "Personal Review"

"Carlos Ghosn is an extraordinarily talented person. He is also a very smart and energetic person. He is also good at carrying out strategies, listening to people well and making strong decisions. The car lineup wasn't very creative before Ghosn took office, but by the time five years had passed since he took office, there were some great cars such as Murano and GT-R. He was innovative, he was ahead of the competition in electric vehicles, and he made Nissan into important markets, including China. He was a very good CEO. "

Reasons why former Chairman Ghosn drastically reduced compensation due to the introduction of the individual disclosure system

"In my view, Ghosn responded to the reduction for only one reason, because the French government wasn't happy with the rewards he was getting at Nissan. My guess is that Nissan was Ghosn. He paid a reasonable and competitive amount of compensation, but the French government was not interested in it. He said that if he did not reduce his compensation, the French government would take action. I thought. "

Interaction with former President Nishikawa over the compensation of the former chairman

"I've talked with Mr. Nishikawa many times, but never talked about deferred compensation. At that time, former Chairman Ghosn had a number of competitors who were willing to pay far more than Nissan. The discussion was considering what to do to keep him from quitting. "

" I can't convince him to stay with Nissan if he can get paid for important and valuable work for Nissan after he retires. I wanted him to stay until he finished his career. We wanted Nissan's independence from Renault to be protected by former Chairman Ghosn, and in fact he had that ability. had"

About the use of judicial transactions

"I was shocked. I was working with two people (in response to a judicial deal), but they, like me, consider Ghosn to be a very capable person and stay with Nissan for a long time. I think that was a good idea for Nissan. "

About the current situation of Nissan Motor

"I'm no longer in a position to get involved and it's not fair to evaluate from the outside. I sincerely hope that Nissan will be able to overcome the current difficult times as there are many people who are important to me. I want the company to be successful, profitable and proud of its employees, as it was when the former chairman ran the company. "

Life after bail

"To be honest, it wasn't easy to wait for the trial for two years. My wonderful wife was with me, but I was separated from my family and friends and still met my 9-month-old grandson. The trial is about to begin, but it will take more than a year for the decision to come out. It doesn't have to take that long. "

Thoughts for the first trial

"I wish I could resolve it more quickly, and I don't think I had to bring it to court. Now that the trial is about to begin, I'll reveal the facts in court and maintain the relationship between Nissan and Ghosn for a long time. I'm going to tell you that it was important to do