Dishes with lots of leftovers are off the shelves

[It's shameful to waste and save money]

  In the past few days, the reporter found during interviews that in the matter of eating, Guangzhou people, who are strict in economy and don't like waste, have introduced many coups to eliminate waste, making the matter of eating food more rational and "legal".

  "We are now increasing the supply of'Wei Shangcai'. At present, the proportion of'Wei Shangcai' served by most Guangzhou restaurant restaurants has exceeded 25% of the total number of dishes supplied." The person in charge of the Guangzhou Restaurant Group stated that it is a subsidiary of the group. The restaurant also launched an exquisite version of "small portions" featuring the top ten signature dishes, and lowered prices.

At the same time, innovative banquet menus, according to the number of banquet customers and banquet category, quantify the configuration of dishes.

  It is worth mentioning that Guangzhou Restaurant has also launched activities that encourage food saving such as "You CD, I reward", "CD-ROM photos and sugar water", and donated electronic consumer coupons and sugar water to "CD-ROM" consumers to strengthen the prevention of society The positive guidance of food waste behavior creates an atmosphere where waste is shameful and saving is proud.

  The Liufuge Western Restaurant in Guangzhou White Swan Hotel is famous for its buffet.

Recently, when the reporter visited the restaurant, he saw that some seafood dishes have been packed in single digits, such as snails, scallops, etc., packed in white porcelain dishes, and diners can take them as needed.

Most of the desserts in this restaurant are served in separate packages, either in glasses or in small bowls. The portions are exquisite and suitable for one person.

  "Our western restaurant has always implemented dynamic management, adjusted according to actual conditions, to eliminate waste." White Swan Hotel Food and Beverage Director Woodlin, for example, said that in order to save food, the hotel's food and beverage department controls the amount of food produced through passenger flow; at the same time, the restaurant every month The dishes will be eliminated from the last place, and the raw materials of the five dishes with a higher surplus rate will be registered off the shelves, and will be replaced with other new dishes next month.

  "Diligence and thrift is the fine tradition of our country, and advocating thrift on the table is a manifestation of urban civilization and progress." Citizen Miss He told reporters.

(Our reporter Wang Zhongyao and Wu Chunyan)