"Kyo-ani" Arson Incident Extends appraisal detention of Aoba suspect Kyoto District Public Inspection September 9 18:19

Regarding the suspect Shinji Aoba (42) who was arrested in the arson murder case of "Kyoto Animation" and has undergone an expert psychological evaluation, the Kyoto District Public Prosecutor's Office decided the period of appraisal in order to further investigate the criminal liability. It has been extended by 3 months.

In July of last year, the Kyoto Animation studio was set on fire, 36 employees were killed and 33 were seriously injured. Shinji Aoba was arrested in May for murder.

According to the police, Aoba said that he thought that if he used gasoline, he could kill many people, and because he stole a novel, he ignited it. Is also there.

For this reason, the Kyoto District Public Prosecutor's Office has been conducting "mental detention" on June 10th this year, and has carried out a psychological evaluation by experts to examine the criminal liability ability, but further investigation is necessary. It means that the court requested and extended the deadline by 3 months.

The extended deadline is until December 11, and the prosecution will decide whether to prosecute Aoba based on the results of the examination.