MBLAQ's YouTuber Geo and model Choi Ye-seul apologized for "I feel responsible" for the alleged back advertisement in the video, but completely denied the allegations of tax evasion.

The two who started the YouTube channel'Oye Couple Story' while actually starting dating said, "For two years, I devoted myself to the operation of YouTube, and there were many suggestions from companies hoping for ad collaboration naturally." “I have indicated that it is advertising content through the column, but through the amendment, I learned that in the future, the advertisement should be more clearly indicated in the video.”

Earlier, many YouTube operators were controversial as they were caught up in the so-called'back advertisement' suspicion that they did not notify about sponsorships or advertisements in the video.

The two included a notice of'contents with paid advertisements' in the video, and it was pointed out that they were trying to correct the controversy over the back advertisement.

Regarding this, the two said, "Like the suspicion that is being talked about recently, it is not true that'the video that did not have a single word of an advertisement was displayed belatedly'." Again, this is not true. All advertising guarantees are settled through the agency and are transparently handled in a legal manner," he explained.

Finally, Geo and Ye-seul Choi said, "We never deceive the interest and love we send. But we have fully learned that all our actions and words can be viewed differently from our intentions and can cause disappointment and discomfort." I conveyed my apology.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)