Xinjiang Airport Group announced on the evening of September 4 that following the resumption of the regional airport routes in Xinjiang, the outbound routes will also be fully restored starting today.

  Passengers departing from Xinjiang can travel smoothly once their temperature is measured and their health code is scanned.

Passengers arriving in Urumqi from Hong Kong need to "measure one temperature and three scan codes" (health code, travel history code, red mountain code) to arrive at ease.

  At present, China Southern Airlines has resumed navigation in more than 40 destinations outside Xinjiang, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Chengdu. In addition to resuming Urumqi inward and outward routes, China Southern Airlines has also resumed Hotan-Akesu-Xi’an routes. , Newly added Kashgar-Korla-Xi'an and other prefectures direct flights out of Xinjiang to ensure that passengers can get to their destinations in a convenient and comfortable way.

  The Korla-Beijing route at Korla Airport has resumed, and the first flight has a passenger load factor of 99%.

At present, Korla Airport has resumed 20 domestic and foreign air routes, and opened several special air cargo flights.

  Yining Airport has opened routes to Beijing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xi'an, Urumqi, Korla, Aksu, Karamay, and Kuqa.

  Nalati Airport has also resumed Nalati-Urumqi flights.

  Up to now, Air China has resumed Beijing (Capital Airport)-Korla flights, Beijing-Karamay-Yining and Beijing-Lanzhou-Aksu round-trip flights, Beijing-Urumqi, Tianjin-Urumqi, Chengdu-Urumqi, Chengdu-Hami, Chengdu-Korla, Chengdu-Kashgar, Chengdu-Hotan, Chengdu-Aksu, Chengdu-Yining, Chengdu-Karamay, Chengdu-Kuqa, Hangzhou-Lanzhou-Korla and other routes.

  China Airlines has resumed Korla-Ruoqiang-Xining-Hohhot, Tianjin-Xining-Akesu, Turpan-Lanzhou-Longnan, Chongqing-Korla, Chengdu-Xining-Korla routes.

  At present, Urumqi International Airport has completed various guarantee preparations, and the guarantee capacity for the rapid increase in flight volume of various production guarantee units is also in place, which can provide sufficient guarantee services for airlines to quickly resume the flight operation of Urumqi to and from cities in and outside Xinjiang jobs.

(CCTV reporter Cui Ning Qian Chongyu)