• Pandemic: this is how Spain became the protagonist of the 'second wave'

  • Test.This is how Covid is detected with the saliva tests that Galicia will implement

Wednesday has once again brought dire news on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain: 8,581 confirmed cases, 466 more than on Tuesday.

Most of them continue to be concentrated in


, which registers more than 1,000 cases (1,362),

the Basque Country

(524) and



In this way, the total number of people infected by


in our country since the beginning of the pandemic is already 479,554.

Deaths also continue to increase: 42 people have died from


in the last day;

177 in the last week.

With the data on the table and the new course already on top, the problem is mainly transferred to the classrooms.

There is still no common protocol for going back to school, although presence is required.


Pedro Sánchez

continues with his round of contacts to negotiate the

General State Budgets


The data of the coronavirus in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 479,554 cases of coronavirus diagnosed by PCR;

    29,194 deaths with positive test on September 2

  • 112,230 in


    (5,757 dead)

  • 130,579 in


    (8,676 dead)

  • 29,689 in

    Castilla y León

    (2,842 dead)

  • 24,664 in

    Castilla-La Mancha

    (3,046 dead)

  • 30,729 in

    the Basque Country

    (1,579 dead)

  • 31,651 in


    (1,506 dead)

  • 25,461 in the

    Valencian Community

    (1,473 dead)

  • 26,865 in


    (1,096 dead)

  • 14,916 in


    (645 dead)

  • 10,269 in


    (536 dead)

  • 5,876 in

    La Rioja

    (373 dead)

  • 5,273 in


    (529 dead)

  • 7,566 in the

    Canary Islands

    (175 dead)

  • 8,663 in the

    Balearic Islands

    (238 dead)

  • 3,384 in


    (335 dead)

  • 4,313 in


    (224 dead)

  • 6,755 in


    (157 dead)

  • 299 in


    (5 dead)

  • 372 in


    (2 dead)

8.09 Actor Dwayne Johnson, 'The Rock', and his family test positive for coronavirus


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

, one of the most important stars in


today, has revealed that his wife, his two daughters and himself have tested positive for coronavirus.

"I can tell you that this has been one of the most difficult and challenging things we have ever had to endure as a family," said Johnson (1972) in a video on his Instagram account, where he has 196 million followers (it is the third most popular person from around the world on this social network).

'La Roca' assured that his number one priority in life is to protect his family and loved ones.

7.48 France launches a € 100 billion plan to revive its economy after the coronavirus crisis

The French government has detailed this Thursday an economic stimulus plan of 100,000 million euros to overcome the impact of the coronavirus crisis in the next two years, with an investment focused on public services, subsidies and tax cuts.

The Government of Emmanuel Macron bases its plan on recovering the activity levels of the French economy in 2022, after suffering this year what the Minister of Economy expects to be the worst post-war recession, with the economy falling to 11%.

Reuters reports.

7.44 Record of cases in India: 83,883 new infected by coronavirus in 24 hours


lives this Thursday a new record of daily cases of


with an increase of 83,883 new infections detected in 24 hours, raising the global balance to 3.85 million cases, only 100,000 behind


, according to data from the

Ministry of Health


In addition, 1,043 people have died of


in the last day, and there are already 67,376 deaths since the pandemic began.

Reuters reports.

7.40 Children can have antibodies and coronavirus in their system at the same time

Children can have antibodies to the


and, at the same time, the


that causes it, according to research whose next phase will be to test whether the virus that is present along with the antibodies can be transmitted to other people, says a study published in the

Journal of Pedriatrics



National Children's Hospital of the United States

signs this investigation focused on knowing how long it takes pediatric patients to eliminate the virus from their system and when they begin to produce antibodies, which indicates that "the virus and antibodies can coexist in young patients ".

Of the 215 patients in the study, 33 were tested for both the virus and antibodies during the course of the disease, and of the latter, nine showed the presence of antibodies in their blood, while later they tested positive for the virus. virus, explains the hospital in a statement.

The next phase of the research will be to test whether the virus that is present along with the antibodies can be transmitted to other people, the note adds.

It is also unknown whether the antibodies correlate with immunity, how long the antibodies last, and potential protection against reinfection.

Efe reports.

7.28 United States adds 1,033 new deaths from coronavirus

The United States adds 1,033 new deaths from


this Thursday


The global death toll from the pandemic thus rises to 185,754 people, according to the count prepared by Reuters.

Likewise, the United States adds 39,774 new diagnoses for a total of 6.12 million infected.

7.25 Germany adds 1,311 new cases of coronavirus and eight deaths


adds 1,311 new cases of coronavirus this Thursday, bringing the balance to 246,166 infected since the pandemic began.

It has also reported eight new deaths, according to data from

the Robert Koch Institute




has cost the lives of 9,321 people in the German country.

Reuters reports.

7.23 Venezuela approaches 400 deaths from coronavirus


has registered seven new deaths from


in the last 24 hours

, so that the total death toll from this disease rises to 398 in the Caribbean country, Executive Vice President

Delcy Rodríguez

reported on Tuesday


But the 398 deaths reported by the Government of Nicolás Maduro contrast with the numbers offered by the Venezuelan opposition on Monday, which put at least 778 deaths due to the action of the


in the South American country.

Efe reports.

7.20 China detects 11 new cases of coronavirus, all of them imported


National Health Commission



has reported on Thursday 11 new cases of


detected on Wednesday, all of them from abroad, with which the Asian country has already accumulated 18 days without registering contacts at the local level.

The authorities have not announced new deaths from


, so the figure remains at 4,634, among the 85,077 infected officially diagnosed in China since the start of the pandemic.

Efe reports.

7.17 Boca Juniors confirms 18 players with coronavirus in the squad

Boca Juniors

has confirmed tonight that 18 players of its squad are infected with


, just 15 days before its re-release in

Group H

of the

Copa Libertadores

, scheduled for September 17 against





"Boca Juniors reports that this Wednesday the


swabs were performed

on the professional football team and four mild symptomatic cases were detected positive, six had mild symptoms and today they are asymptomatic, and eight asymptomatic cases," explains the '


' in a published statement tonight.

"All of them will continue under strict sanitary isolation standards as indicated in the protocols and, according to the procedure at the national and international level in these situations, they will again undergo ECG and echocardiogram studies prior to their integration to training," continues informing the club.

Efe reports.

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