Searching for a Panama-registered cargo ship Rescue a male member of the crew 2:48, September 3

On the 2nd, I was unable to get in touch with a Panama-registered freighter that was sailing off Amami Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture. Was rescued by a patrol boat.

The Coast Guard continues to search for other crew members.

On the west of Amami Oshima where Typhoon No. 9 was approaching at dawn on the 2nd, approximately 185 km offshore, a freighter under the Panama flagship, "GULFLIVESTOCK 1", sent a distress signal, and we could not contact us.

For this reason, when the Coast Guard Headquarters of the 10th Division and the Self-Defense Forces were searching for it, it was past 10 pm on the 2nd, and one man who was drifting in a life jacket in the sea area about 120 km northwest of Amami Oshima was patroled by the JMSDF. One hour after the aircraft was found, the man was rescued by a patrol boat at the Japan Coast Guard.

According to the Coast Guard Headquarters, the rescue was made by a Filipino male member of a cargo ship crew who could not be contacted, and his life was indefinite.

In addition to men, it is estimated that 42 people, 38 Filipinos, 2 New Zealanders and 2 Australians, were onboard the cargo ship, so the Coast Guard Headquarters issued patrol boats and aircraft. I am continuing the search.