Gentian Petals “Photosynthesis at the same level as leaves” Research Group September 2 15:46

Although it is generally said that plant petals do not undergo photosynthesis, research groups such as the Iwate Biotechnology Research Center have found that spots on gentian petals are performing photosynthesis at the same level as leaves. Announced.

Research groups such as the Iwate Biotechnology Research Center in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, focused on the green spots found on the petals of gentian, and proceeded with observation and analysis using an electron microscope and special equipment for a year and a half.

As a result,

it was revealed that an

organ called "chloroplast" that performs photosynthesis was found in the outermost epidermal cells of ▽ spots

, and that

▽ was found

to perform the same level of photosynthesis as that of plant leaves.

The research group says, "It is generally said that flowers do not undergo photosynthesis, which is a new discovery that overturns common sense in botany."

Since the spotted gentian loses its value in the market, the research group plans to carry out further research and develop new varieties that are hard to spot.

"I'm very surprised by the unexpected structure of the spots. Gentian takes two years to bloom, which reduces the labor of the producer," said Shigekazu Takahashi, a researcher at the Iwate Biotechnology Research Center. I would be more happy if that happened."