[Well-off China] Qinghai Chaidamu farmers and herdsmen characteristic farming competition to celebrate the harvest of wolfberry

  On September 1, 2020 Haixi Prefecture celebrated the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival and Qaidam Selenium-enriched Organic Wolfberry Festival at the Nomhong Farm in Dulan County, Qinghai.

  On the day of the opening ceremony, farmers and herdsmen from all over the county gathered together to hold archery, tug-of-war and Raba cattle farming competitions, expressing the joy of the wolfberry harvest through various forms of characteristic farming competitions.

  Laba Niu is a traditional national sport commonly enjoyed by farmers and herdsmen in Qaidam, Qinghai.

The contestants tie the two belts together, and the two people pull each other back to back until one side crosses the line.

This simple and convenient sports activity is very popular among farmers and herdsmen.

(Reporter Li Jiangning edited Zeng Chen)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]