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Already indicted by justice at the beginning of the summer for rape and sexual assault on four alleged victims, the star actor of pornographic films Ron Jeremy is also accused of sexual abuse of a minor and a dozen other women , the Los Angeles district attorney said Monday.

Adult film star facing additional sexual assault counts involving 13 more women pleaded not guilty today.

He is due back in court on 10/28. #LADAOffice

- Jackie Lacey (@LADAOffice) August 31, 2020

Ron Jeremy, 67, who has over 1,700 porn movies to his credit since the late 1970s, had long been the subject of such accusations within the profession and had been kept away from various events in these past years. last years.

Last June, he was officially charged with the rape of three women and the sexual assault of a fourth.

His arrest and presentation to a Los Angeles court sparked a new wave of complaints against the 60-year-old.

Ron Jeremy, who declared himself totally "innocent" on Twitter, will plead "not guilty" to this new series of charges, his lawyer told AFP.

The alleged victims aged 15 to 54

Some of these accusations date back to 2004, when Ron Jeremy allegedly assaulted a teenage girl at a party near Los Angeles.

The alleged victims were between 15 and 54 years old.

The most recent assault was reportedly committed near a Hollywood business on January 1, 2020. If convicted, Ron Jeremy, currently in custody, could end his life in prison.

Last June, his lawyer, Stuart Goldfarb, denied the accusations against his client, assuring that he was "not a rapist".

"Ron, over the years and because of what he is, has been the partner of more than 4,000 women (...) Women pounce on him", the lawyer told AFP.

Ron Jeremy is the latest of the big names in the entertainment industry to come face to face with the Los Angeles justice system for sexual abuse since the #MeToo movement against violence against women emerged in 2017.

In total, the team specially set up by the Los Angeles prosecutor to investigate sex crimes in Hollywood took an interest in about twenty potential suspects.

Among them is the ousted magnate Harvey Weinstein, sentenced to 23 years in prison in New York but who is at the same time accused of abusing three other women in Los Angeles.

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