We must pay tribute: the speech of the current (and now there is such a growing feeling every day that the future too) of US President Donald Trump in front of supporters in the state of New Hampshire turned out to be truly fiery and even, as we would admirably note, absolutely not we are afraid of this word - enchanting.

However, like everything really interesting today in America, it was aimed, no doubt, exclusively at its own, internal audience.

In general, in this sense, the USA is a rather arrogant country, no matter how you think about it.

Although, in this particular case, it unexpectedly turned out to be interesting to us - and for purely mercantile economic reasons.

It's just that the phrase “Russian oil” was used several times there, and, as you understand, the use of this phrase in the mouth of the American president cannot be uninteresting for us simply by definition.

Let us explain.

Accusing (in fairness, quite to himself, even in the case) the Governor of the State of New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo of the fact that New England has the highest energy prices (and precisely because the sought-after Cuomo did not allow the construction of a pipeline through his state), the current president unexpectedly did what the political strategists call "flying in to intercept a competitor's agenda" oil and gas "- this" agenda "is much larger than the Democratic Party).

Among the Republicans, after all, the majority, of course, as in the entire Washington establishment, are Russophobes.

But they are still pragmatists.

And nevertheless, let us listen to the current President of the United States, this must be quoted literally: “Do you know where you buy your energy?

In Russia.

Didn't you know ?!

You have a lot of ships from Russia because Governor Cuomo from New York won't allow the pipeline. ”

Well, what can I say?

"Neutral outside observers", including yours truly, who, on duty as a journalistic service, followed this speech, after these beautifully accented words of the American leader, truly froze in a position of sincere amazement bordering on admiration and admiration.

Now let's try to explain.

First, the American president, as a "political animal" acting in his American electoral field, evokes, we repeat, only the most sincere admiration for his love of life.

But only, unfortunately (and for us, and even to our happiness), the American business, of course, buys Russian oil, how to put it mildly, for slightly different reasons.

And the pipeline through the state of New York has absolutely nothing to do with it.

And speaking from the point of view of American party politics, the philosophical question "Why should we buy Russian oil?"

can be safely attributed to both the opposing sides now in the Washington arena.

And to the Democrats, and even more so to the Republicans.

Everything is simple here: for the late Hugo Chavez, completely alive Maduro and somewhere running about now "the West-appointed president" Juan Guaido, both the American Republicans and the American Democrats have a touching unanimity.

One could even say - a national inter-party consensus, despite the national split in all other issues of political American life.

And Russian sulphurous grades are purchased by American businesses just to replace the purely technologically heavy Venezuelan oil they need at American refineries.

Everything is, in general, simple.

This is, as they say, a common place in the current market environment: the demand for heavy oil is growing in the world, which is distinguished by a high degree of viscosity due to its increased density.

And it is these grades that include, in particular, the domestic grade Urals, which is used in a mixture with light oil, including for processing into motor fuel.

This is where the market imbalance that has recently become quite prominent begins, especially, by the way, intensified after the "sanctions" on the main suppliers of heavy grades - Iran and especially Venezuela, which is key for the US domestic markets.

The protracted political crisis in relations with which quite naturally hits, first of all, precisely the American oil refining, which was previously a traditional buyer of heavy and super-heavy Venezuelan varieties.

Light oil is produced in abundance in the United States itself, but even to meet the current demand for motor fuel in the domestic American markets, heavy and light grades must be mixed, while the portion of heavy oil in the mixture is usually much larger.

There are many explanations for this, the most understandable is already a long-term trend of growth in demand for diesel in comparison with demand for gasoline.

As a result, it turns out that the total import of Russian oil and oil products from Russia to the United States was estimated at $ 13.8 billion in the last year alone, 2019.

And this year, despite the deepest global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most experts expect even growth.

And the piquancy of the current situation on the American energy markets lies precisely in the fact that the faster the American economy is now recovering, the more it will need this very "Russian oil".

The presence of which in the democratic state of New York is so worried about Republican President Trump.

What is perhaps the most symbolic here is that the President of the United States of America, being a pragmatic businessman to the marrow, cannot but understand the above, as they say, simply by definition.

It's just that he, being not only a businessman, but also a “political animal”, understands something else.

In the amazing reality that has developed now in the leading global superpower of the modern world, the very phrase "Russian oil" has become quite ambiguous: in the economic sense, this is a raw material critically needed for American refineries, the growth of consumption of which can only indicate the growth of the American economy. 

But there is also the American political pre-election reality, which lives its own life, separate from both American business and, in general, from the American people themselves.

And in this political reality, everything connected with the Russians, including their oil, is very bad and scary.

And Trump just as willingly, without experiencing any split personality, as he once negotiated with Putin on the "global oil deal", which in the real world has long been called OPEC ++, "tactically" uses this "scarecrow" as a tool in the internal political struggle against the Democrats of New York State.

And if in medical language such a splitting of consciousness is easily called "schizophrenic manifestations", then in a much more intricate modern political world it is such a new normality.

An ordinary entrance fee for entering the light world of "democracy", on the road along which you can only go to the notorious Shining City on the hill.

And honestly, I don't know about you, but personally I have the feeling that we probably still need to go in some other direction.

That is, selling them oil is always welcome.

But to buy from them any "democratic values" - no, no way.

Because, no matter what modern creative ideologists tell us, not only medicine, but also such a rough discipline as practical economics, quite convincingly proves that such a political and economic schizophrenia is a road to nowhere.

The author's point of view may not coincide with the position of the editorial board