Go, go to Anhui to see the painting-like countryside!

  When it comes to Anhui, Huangshan must be mentioned.

  The beauty of Huangshan has attracted countless poets and tourists.

  The scenery of the sea of ​​clouds on the Tiandu Peak of Huangshan Mountain in Anhui Li Jingang/Photo

  More than 1,000 years ago, "the fairy of poetry" Li Bai said, "I stayed in the Bixi Moon of Huangshan Mountain, but I gave up Songjianqin." "Poetry and Buddhism" Wang Weiyan: "Wei River lingers Qin Saiqu, and Huangshan Mountain is slanted around Han Palace."

  More than 400 years ago, Xu Xiake sighed after reaching Huangshan: "There is nothing like Huangshan inside or outside the Bohai Sea. There is no mountain in the world when climbing Huangshan, so you can only watch!"

  On the eve of sunrise, the morning glow was beautiful and colorful. Photo by Li Jingang

  Today, this mountain has won many honors such as World Cultural Heritage, World Natural Heritage, World Geopark, World Biosphere Reserve Network Member, etc., and is famous for its "five unique" landscapes of strange pines, strange rocks, sea of ​​clouds, hot springs, and winter snow. .

  The World Cultural Heritage Hongcun is a village in Chinese painting. Zhang Jun/photo

  But in Anhui, this central province with rich tourism resources, there are not only famous mountainous scenery represented by Huangshan, Jiuhua Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, etc., which are well-known at home and abroad, but also southern Anhui countryside represented by the ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun. The scenery is like a paradise like "small bridges, flowing water, people" and "village in painting" such as "village in painting" and you can encounter it at the corner.

  The white wall gray tile horse head wall is the "standard configuration" of the beauty of southern Anhui.

  In addition to southern Anhui, eastern Anhui, western Anhui, Dabie Mountains, etc., small beautiful villages are also everywhere. Let you and I follow the pace of being well-off and take a look at the three beautiful villages in Anhui.

Xiaogang Village: New Scroll of the First Village of China's Reform

  Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, is one of the top ten famous villages in China and a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

  The creative agriculture in Xiaogang Village has become a place for local Internet celebrities to check in. Wu Lan/photo

  In 1978, 18 farmers in this village risked their lives and pressed the red handprint to create the first agricultural "contract", which opened the prelude to China's rural reform.

  This is a farmhouse built in 1973. Wu Lan/photo

  The appearance of the village more than 40 years ago was unspeakable, with low thatched houses and muddy courtyard walls. It rained heavily outside and light rain at home.

  A scene of beautiful Xiaogang. Wu Lan/photo

  In today's Xiaogang, there are lots of fertile fields and trees, and the beautiful scenery of the village can be seen around.

  The children in the village are cycling on the country roads. Wu Lan/photo

  The transportation on the paddy fields, villagers and tourists, travel freely.

  Yan Jinchang said: "You still have to do it, you can't be lazy, better days are coming." Wu Lan/Photo

  The 77-year-old Yan Jinchang, the leader of the major contractor, said that the signing of the "contract" and the pressing of the fingerprints did not expect to kick off the prelude to China’s rural reforms. Not only did they realize their own food and clothing, but also solved hundreds of millions in China. The question of eating for the surname.

  Back then, I was begging for dinner with the drum, but now I am entertaining. Wu Lan/photo

  "You don't have to worry about food or clothes. Everyone lives in a small western-style building, and every family has a private car..." Yan Jinchang said, everyone works hard, and better days come.

Dawan Village: "Small Nest" turned into "Shanshui Gallery"

  Dawan Village, Huashi Township, Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, is located in the hinterland of Dabie Mountains and was once one of the poorest villages in the area.

  Village view of Dawan Village. Zhang Jun/photo

  After the fight against poverty was fully launched in 2015, Dawan Village seized the new historical opportunity and carried forward the spirit of self-improvement and dedication in the old revolutionary base. The cadres and the masses worked together to roll up their sleeves and work hard.

  Exterior view of Dawan Village B&B. Zhang Jun/photo

  Nowadays, Dawan Village has undergone earth-shaking changes, transforming from a backward "small mountain nest" into a "landscape gallery" gathering tourists.

  Tourists take pictures in Dawan Village. Zhang Jun/photo

  Walking into Dawan Village, wisps of smoke rising from behind the house in front of the mountain, the winding creek crosses the stone arch bridge and the pavilion, and the buildings with white walls and gray tiles and green water and green mountains reflect each other.

  Old man Chen Zeshen talked about the changes in Dawan Village. Zhang Jun/photo

  71-year-old Chen Zeshen felt deeply about the changes in Dawan Village. In 2015, his family's annual income was less than 3,000 yuan. Today, he works in a local tea factory and earns nearly 3,000 yuan a month. "For the development of tourism in the village, we all relocate to the new houses in the resettlement sites, so we don't have to worry about food or clothing. Housing, education, and medical care are guaranteed."

  Cultural and creative souvenir shop in Dawan Village. Zhang Jun/photo

  In recent years, Dawan Village has seized the policy opportunities of rural housing land reform pilot projects, relocation of poverty alleviation, reservoir migration, and construction of beautiful villages, and planned and constructed 4 resettlement sites including Dawan. In the resettlement site, the exquisite buildings are neatly arranged, the roads are wide and clean, the rooms are well-equipped, and the elderly and children enjoy the coolness and play in front of their homes.

  Village view of Dawan Village. Zhang Jun/photo

  “We have also transformed the houses after the villagers’ transfer and resettlement into folk museums and boutique hotels, which has promoted the development of the tourism industry in Dawan.” Dawan Village has gained popularity, and many villagers have also devoted themselves to services such as restaurants, accommodation and souvenir sales. , Which further increased the income of local villagers. At the end of 2019, the per capita disposable income of Dawan Village reached 14,236 yuan.

Tong Yangcun: bid farewell to "dirty, chaos and poor" to create a "Fuchun Mountain Residence"

  Tongyang Village, Erlang Town, Quanjiao County, Anhui Province, has bid farewell to the old "dirty, messy, bad" and walked the village clean and tidy.

  Han Suyuan/Photo

  Both sides of the road are full of green, and there are vegetable gardens in front of every house, where you can plant flowers and vegetables of the season. Even if the villagers live in and move to a new house, planting is a craft that farmers can never leave behind.

  Han Suyuan/Photo

  A wall of old objects set up in the village has left precious memories for the farmers who have lived and worked here for a lifetime.

  Han Suyuan/Photo

  The villagers sat around in twos and threes chatting together, with a happy smile on their faces. The per capita net income of the villagers was about 12,000 yuan.

  Yang Yuxian entertained the guests with fruits. Han Suyuan/Photo

  At the beginning of 2020, the Tongyang villager group was identified as a pilot for the improvement of the human settlement environment, and a linkage mechanism of “town party committee-village party branch-party members-the masses” was established, and the task of living environment improvement was broken down in detail, guaranteed to the group, and striving to form Villages with “industrial support, cultural connotation, tourism taste, and local characteristics”.

  She Maolin walks in the village with her baby. Han Suyuan/Photo

  Whether it is the beautiful Huangshan Mountain, or the small beautiful village, Anhui and Anhui, you are welcome to check in.

  Author: Wu Lan