Former SBS announcer Kim Min-ji revealed the behind-the-scenes of her love affair with her husband Park Ji-seong.

Yesterday (30th) Kim Min-ji shared various stories with her husband Park Ji-seong and SBS announcer Bae Sung-jae through her YouTube channel'Kim Min-ji's Mandurang'. Kim Min-ji said, "It played a role beyond what introduced us" to Bae Seong-jae, who was a mischief between himself and Park Ji-sung.

Kim Min-ji recalled that, "I was timid and couldn't contact (Park Ji-sung) even after the blind date." Didn't it take two years?” and asked Park Ji-sung, "You've been having sex with me for two years."
In addition, when Kim Min-ji asked the announcer Bae Sung-jae, "Why did you arrange a blind date because this is not a wide personality," Bae Sung-jae confessed behind the scenes that led to the meeting of the two. “I had a dinner with Park Ji-sung two weeks later, and my father was worried about marriage. At that time, I remembered Kim Min-ji and arranged a blind date.”

Afterwards, Kim Min-ji was grateful and tried to arrange a blind date for Bae Sung-jae. If you look at, it doesn't look like a high probability.”

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Mandurang ' YouTube) (SBS Substar)