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"Invest in Dubai"

Ismail Al Hammadi

01 Sep 2020

"Invest in Dubai" is a new initiative and electronic platform launched by the Dubai Land Department, recently, through the sector of promoting and managing real estate investment. One of the goals of this initiative is to bring together all activists in the real estate field, including developers, brokers, real estate companies and investors, and linking them with investors around the world. This opens the way for them to develop their business through this network provided by the platform, in addition to that it will contribute to highlighting the real estate projects that Dubai is rich in.

One of the most important features of "Invest in Dubai" is that it is a platform that brings together all minds and experts in the real estate sector across the world, which means that it will be a platform for exchanging experiences in this field, which will enable everyone to develop skills and renew ideas to achieve a sustainable real estate environment, and this is what we are looking for. It is always about him in our sector «developing skills and renewing ideas, to enhance the attractiveness of real estate investment in Dubai».

The beauty of this initiative is that it complements the endeavors of the sector to encourage and manage real estate investment in "Dubai Lands", whose first goal and main message it was founded on is centering on strengthening the position of the real estate sector globally by encouraging direct investment and long-term investment, and attracting more investors from various around the world.

If we focus on this aspect, this means that this platform will have several roles and tasks in the future, if it is continuously developed, and its services are crystallized according to the conditions imposed by the surrounding circumstances, and one of the most important of those roles is that this platform contributes to strengthening and doubling the number of annual promotional activities for the sector of promotion And the real estate investment management that it undertakes annually from real estate exhibitions outside the borders, conferences and events, so instead of being 20 events per year, for example, they can be doubled through this platform, according to the best modern real estate practices that are being implemented through modern technology.

Among those roles also is that this platform works to find the best marketing solutions for real estate projects in Dubai, through direct dialogue between developers and brokers, and to strengthen the legislative environment, to ensure greater protection for the rights of all parties by opening the door to various discussions between all parties in the sector, including the bodies. Legal, real estate development companies, investors, experts ... and others.

In general, if the real estate investment promotion and management sector is the promotional arm of Dubai real estate in the Dubai Land Department, then the “Invest in Dubai” platform will be an effective tool to enhance the functions of that arm, if it undergoes continuous development, to become a platform that helps all parties to become familiar with and gain awareness and knowledge. With the various trends of the sector and the current and future market, in the light of which effective and systematic solutions are formulated to accelerate the growth of the real estate sector, and to achieve all the strategic objectives of the sector, including sustainability goals.

Therefore, a platform of this size, and with the weight of its tasks and roles, needs more unconventional media support, to introduce it and its services, to raise the efficiency of real estate investment in Dubai, and to maintain its global leadership.

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"(Invest in Dubai) ... a gathering platform for all minds and experts in the real estate sector around the world."