China News Service, Wuxi, August 30 (Reporter Sun Quan) On August 30, Wuxi City issued the "Notice of the Municipal Government Office on Further Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the City's Real Estate Market" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). The "Notice" further curbed speculation and real estate speculation by improving the purchase restriction policy of commercial housing, giving play to the role of tax regulation, adjusting the differentiated housing credit policy in Wuxi City, and strictly reviewing the sources of funds for housing purchases.

  The "Notice" mentioned that if a couple purchases commercial housing within 2 years after their divorce, the number of housing units they own is calculated based on the number of housing units owned by the family before the divorce within the urban area of ​​Wuxi.

  Previously, the relevant person in charge of the Wuxi Real Estate Control Leading Group had interpreted the "Notice" policy, saying that the introduction of the "Notice" would not only meet the reasonable housing needs of residents, but also prevent the acquisition of housing qualifications through "false divorce".

  In addition to effectively plugging the loopholes in "false divorce" real estate speculation, Wuxi's "Notice" has also adjusted the period of exemption of VAT for individual housing transfers. The "Notice" mentioned that the VAT exemption period for personal housing transfer in Wuxi urban area (excluding key areas for shantytown renovation) has been adjusted from 2 years to 5 years.

  The reporter learned that the current Wuxi restrictions on the purchase of houses by households are still two years. After the "Notice" is issued, individual houses can be transferred after 2 years after obtaining the real property certificate. Those who have completed 2 years but less than 5 years need to pay value-added tax. After 5 years, they can enjoy the preferential policy of exemption of transfer value-added tax.

  Regarding loan policy adjustments, the "Notice" also made it clear: For resident families who already own a house and the corresponding house purchase loan has not been settled, and apply for commercial personal housing loans again to purchase commercial housing, the minimum down payment ratio shall be adjusted to no less than 60%.

  It is worth mentioning that the current residents of Wuxi “just-needed housing” are not affected by the new policy. For first-time home buyers who have no houses or loans, Wuxi continues to implement the policy of a minimum loan down payment ratio of 30%, and the provident fund loan policy has not been adjusted.

  With regard to the sources of funds for house purchases, the "Notice" requires the financial regulatory authorities to strictly monitor the destination of consumer loans and personal business loans to prevent residents from embezzling consumer loans and other loans for house purchases.

  The "Notice" also proposes to strengthen tax inspections and market supervision of housing transactions in hot school districts, severely crack down on speculation of school district housing concepts and drive up second-hand housing prices; stop the implementation of pre-sale permits for commercial housing and financial supervision during the epidemic period; Fully implement the delivery system of standard model houses, implement classified management of basic decoration and upgrade decoration, and support diversified demand for finished housing.

  "Wuxi's recent land market has shown a hot state, land prices have risen rapidly, and housing prices are expected to increase." According to insiders in the Wuxi property market, the biggest role of the New Deal should be to "maintain stability."

  Shen Xun, vice chairman and secretary-general of the Wuxi Real Estate Association, believes that the introduction of the New Deal is very timely, reflecting Wuxi's further implementation of the "housing and non-speculation" orientation, earnestly fulfilling the main responsibility of real estate regulation, and the steady implementation of the real estate long-term mechanism. The specific deployment of the work. He also mentioned that after the introduction of the New Deal, the market will not experience major fluctuations. (Finish)