Thanks to the giant beckoning cat citizens “dressing up” Oita, August 31 4:12

At last year's Rugby World Cup, a "grooming" was held in which citizens happily polish the beckoning cat with a huge wooden statue that welcomed many tourists in Oita city.

This giant beckoning cat, Fukuneko Fukuyan, is a wooden sculpture with a total length of about 10 meters and a height of about 3 meters.It is usually exhibited in a park in Bungo Ono City, but last year's rugby. I was moved to the center of Oita City during the World Cup and worked to welcome many tourists.

Fukuneko Fukunyan was returned to Bungo-Ono City in early September, and on the 30th, a "dressing" was carried out by citizens using sandpaper to clean it.

About 30 people participated, including parents and children, and when they polished the surface, the part that was dark due to dirt regained the beautiful wood color.

A 6th grade elementary school girl living in Oita City, who participated, said, "It was a tough job because the dirt didn't come off easily. It was a bit disappointing to have it returned because it was a work that felt the warmth of wood."

Keishiro Yamaguchi of Tokyo University of the Arts, who was involved in the production of sculpture, said, “I'm very happy that our memories will grow as many people polish it. I want it to be a work that can be called in."