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Eduardo in the Arabian Gulf League

Abdullah Al Kaabi

August 28, 2020

The great star, Brazilian Eduardo, leaves the Crescent House, after a career full of achievements and titles, and the lover of the leader was one of the distinguished foreigners who passed through the club, and he had a clear imprint with the Crescent leader with his innovations and decisive goals, and was a milestone with the great Crescent team in the Asian continent.

When the Bozen star leaves Eduardo, there is a gap that is difficult to compensate, especially since this great star "Shail Al Hilal" in most of the matches he has played, especially the big and sensitive one, came this day to leave his club and sadness prevails over Al-Azraq fans, but this is the year of life.

The next stop for Brazilian Eduardo will be in the Arab Gulf League with Al-Ahly youth, and it is an important station for this great star, it is true that he is not himself before the injury, but his return is expected with Al-Ahly youth, as he is a disciplined player on and off the stadium, and a gain for our league.

Eduardo needs an integrated team like Shabab Al-Ahly, who has all the ingredients to compete for the league in the new season, and it is a good choice for the great Brazilian star, and I think it is an important station because it is a new challenge for him.

- The competition is fierce in the Saudi League, and the Al-Hilali leader is still singing out of the squadron, and he is the best among them, and the next match is a crossroads for Hilal to resolve the interesting and beautiful Saudi League. I believe that Hilal deserves the league championship, because the environment of Al Hilal is healthy, as it attracts most of the citizens and foreign players.

- Sharjah and Al-Nasr are among the most dismissive clubs this season, and I do not exclude their competition, because they are among the most lavish and exclusive clubs, whether with the contracts of citizens or foreign players .. In the past we used to see Al-Ain, Al-Ahly and Al-Jazeera youth, but now the mechanism and the situation have changed, so attention has turned to The teams of King Al-Sharjawi and Al-Dean Al-Nasraoui are the most prepared on Narti's point of view, according to the data and contracts.

- Sharjah and Al-Nasr are among the most dismissed clubs this season, and I do not rule out their competition for the league.