Dr. Harvard went to Shenzhen as Deputy Director of the Sub-district Office to attract attention: the department selects talents and department-level leaders

  Affected by the "Ph.D. in Biophysics of Harvard University and former associate professor of Nanjing University, Luo Linjiao", Taoyuan Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, has recently attracted public attention. Netizens discussed whether Luo Linjiao should be transferred to the "Deputy Director of the Subdistrict Office" in 2018.

  The Paper noted that on August 19, Luo Linjiao attended the launching ceremony of Taoyuan Street's 2020 College Students' Community Practice Activity as "Deputy Director of Taoyuan Sub-district Office and Minister of Block Construction Department".

  In fact, Luo Linjiao was announced to be the deputy director of Taoyuan Sub-district Office two years ago.

  In June 2018, the Organization Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee issued the "Announcement on the Public Notice of the List of Shortly-Needed Professionals in Shenzhen Selecting and Transferring Professionals to the Sub-districts". Among them, Luo Linjiao, then associate professor of the School of Physics of Nanjing University, entered the public notice as the candidate for the sub-division-level leadership of Shenzhen .

  According to the Southern+ report, the list of 70 people publicized at that time was selected by Shenzhen for national state-owned enterprises and institutions, universities, and research institutes. The candidates come from 27 universities and research institutes, 22 from state-owned enterprises, 21 from other units, 39 doctors, 31 masters, and 61 senior titles. Seventy candidates were selected, with professional backgrounds in 11 categories including ecological environment, materials and energy, and information technology, from 20 provinces (cities, districts) across the country, and 47 post-80s cadres. According to the plan, this group of talents will be first arranged to serve as department-level cadres in the street.

  The announcement also mentioned that the selection and deployment of talents in short supply is to further strengthen the construction of high-quality professional cadres in Shenzhen, based on the arrangement of Shenzhen’s "Nursery Plan" for party and government cadres. Public information shows that in 2016, Shenzhen launched the "Surfing Nursery Plan", which aims to combine the development trends of Shenzhen’s main industries, from the long-term, medium-term, and short-term levels, to train and introduce scarce professional cadres, and to optimize the age and Source and other structures. The "shortage majors" are concentrated in six categories: financial management, urban construction management, information technology, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, ecological environment and marine science.

  The Paper noted that Luo Linjiao is not the only one from the same group of universities, including: Bai Hongtao, associate professor of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Nankai University, Bao Yi, associate dean and associate professor of the School of Marxism, Shenzhen University, and Zhu Jie, associate professor of the School of Urban Design, Wuhan University, Wuhan Li Ben, associate professor of the School of Water Resources and Hydropower of the University, Zhang Lusi, associate professor of the School of Architecture of Harbin Institute of Technology, etc.

  On June 26, 2018, the Nanshan District People's Government Office decided after research: Comrade Luo Linjiao was appointed as the deputy director of the Nanshan District Taoyuan Sub-district Office.

  Public information shows that Taoyuan Street has 12 communities and various primary and secondary schools. It is also located in Shenzhen University Town, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University of Lihu Campus, Shenzhen Advanced Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other schools, scientific research institutes, and Nanshan Intelligent Park. , Strong technological and cultural atmosphere. Luo Linjiao is the director-level leader of the Subdistrict Hangdian University Town community.

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