China News Service, Xining, August 26 (Reporter Hu Guilong and Zhang Tianfu) After the issue of illegal mining in the Qinghai Muli mining area on the southern foot of the Qilian Mountains was exposed in the ecological security barrier in western China, Qinghai Province officially announced on the 25th that the Muli mining area and the Qinghai area on the southern foot of the Qilian Mountain would be activated. Three-year action for comprehensive environmental improvement.

  On the same day, Qinghai Province officially held the mobilization and deployment meeting for the above-mentioned three-year action plan. Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Secretary Wang Jianjun attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Acting Governor Nobunaga Xing hosted the meeting. Li Jiexiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and executive vice governor, notified the "Three-year Action Plan for the Comprehensive Improvement of the Ecological Environment in the Muli Mining Area and the Qinghai Area at the Southern Foot of the Qilian Mountains."

  On the 4th, the media reported that a company named Qinghai Xingqing Industry and Trade Engineering Group Co., Ltd., under the name of ecological restoration and governance, conducted predatory mining in the Muli mining area in the hinterland of the southern foot of the Qilian Mountains, with a profit of tens of billions. Yuan Renminbi, the chairman of the company is even known as the "invisible richest man" in Qinghai.

The picture shows Wang Jianjun, secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech. Photo by Zhang Tianfu

  Qilian Mountain is located at the junction of Qinghai and Gansu provinces. In July 2017, the Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve in Gansu Province was notified by the Chinese authorities for illegal exploitation of mineral resources and ineffective rectification of ecological and environmental problems, and the relevant responsible units and persons in charge were seriously held accountable. Therefore, the issue of illegal mining exposed this time has attracted much attention from all parties.

  On the 6th and 9th, the Qinghai Province officials held two press conferences. According to reports, it was initially determined that the company involved was suspected of violating laws and regulations, and all production and operation activities in the Muli mining area would be stopped. The Muli Coalfield Administration was renamed the Muli Coalfield Ecological Protection Bureau, and many officials were dismissed.

  Li Jiexiang introduced at the mobilization and deployment meeting that the above-mentioned "Three-year Action Plan" is divided into three parts. Among them, the first part puts forward the guiding ideology for comprehensive improvement, and proposes to focus on the Muli mining area, covering the Qinghai area at the southern foot of the Qilian Mountains, and coordinate the implementation of mining pit backfill, slag mountain greening, slope treatment, vegetation restoration, and environmental improvement And other key ecological restoration projects, promote the establishment of a sound system, a complete legal system, strict management, and long-term protection in place.

  Li Jiexiang introduced that the second part of the system deployed 27 specific tasks in four areas. It mentioned that from August to October this year, rapid investigations were carried out, coal mining enterprises were shut down, the disposal of mining rights was accelerated, evaluation and auditing were carried out, the implementation of protection and restoration projects was accelerated, preparations for greening were completed, measurement and monitoring were strengthened, and a joint force of restoration management and control was formed. . The third part is safeguard measures.

  Wang Jianjun made mobilization and deployment in five aspects: the need to be clear-headed and political, to be mindful of the direction, to self-denial and to obey the principles of public ownership, to be disciplined and to follow instructions, and to act vigorously and vigorously. (Finish)