The Sichuan procuratorial organs found out that the lack of family guardianship when young minors commit crimes often becomes a "secret corner"——

Disciplinary "bear children", how to deal with parents who do not care

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  In recent years, criminal cases involving minors have appeared from time to time. The Sichuan procuratorial agency found that more than 62% of families have lack of guardianship or defects in the crimes of young minors. Since 2015, the procuratorial organs of Sichuan Province have explored "compulsory parental education" work to allow unqualified parents to "rebuild". The prosecutor said that the development of related family education work is not all smooth sailing. In addition to legislative support, it also needs to be promoted by the whole society.

  "Mother's reprimands have been kept, and we interrupted our communication several times in the middle. The 16-year-old boy kept his head down and said nothing..." On the evening of August 17, the Juvenile Procuratorate of the People's Procuratorate of Xindu District, Chengdu was in charge The person Wei Ting told a reporter from the Workers’ Daily about what happened when she entered the house to carry out family education and guidance. “For such parents, family education guidance can only help them change their concepts in depth, otherwise the children will be exempted. There are hidden dangers in punishment and returning to the family again."

  At present, criminal cases involving minors have come into the public eye from time to time. Carefully combing and discovering that many minors who have committed crimes have a family that is "difficult to say" behind them. Sichuan is one of the provinces with the largest number of migrant workers in the country, with over 750,000 left-behind children. The Sichuan procuratorial agency found that more than 62% of families have lack of guardianship or defects in the crimes of young minors.

  "Bear children" have been punished in accordance with the law. What about the parents who are "insensitive"? In order to curb minors' crimes at the source and protect minors from being violated, since 2015, the Sichuan Provincial Procuratorate has actively explored the work of "compulsory parental education" and let unqualified parents "reinvent". Five years have passed, what are the specific results? A reporter from Workers' Daily conducted an interview.

No bad kids born

  Silent, reticent, and introverted-in Wei Ting's eyes, the 16-year-old boy Liangliang (pseudonym), who has been chased by his mother, has completely wrapped himself up when facing the outside world. He has always been in a very special family environment: his father is still serving his sentence, and after his mother remarries, the livelihood of the family of three is pinned on his stepfather. He was eager to be independent as soon as possible and entered the hotel to work, but because of some trivial matters, he had a dispute with his colleagues, fighting with metal equipment and hurting others. Because the subjective malignancy was relatively mild, he was released on bail pending trial after being transferred to the procuratorial organ by the police.

  "During the inquiries of our family survey, this boy has always listened carefully to the responses, but when asked about the more in-depth family situation, he remained silent." Wei Ting said, this reminded her of two things. A case from a year ago.

  It was also a 16-year-old boy named Xiaoxi (pseudonym) who was caught after stealing several cars with others. The procuratorate learned that Xiaoxi's father was sentenced for a crime when he was a child, and soon after he was released back home he went to work in Yunnan. Due to the lack of 5 years in the critical stage of adolescent growth of a child, there are serious problems in the parent-child relationship between father and son. His mother raised Xiaoxi alone, and there was little communication between mother and child. When Xiaoxi was a child, he was often bullied by other older children, thinking that only a mixed society could not be bullied. After dropping out of junior high school, he met idle young people in society, contaminated with bad social habits, and later committed criminal acts. The procuratorate considered that the dereliction of guardianship of his parents was an important reason that induced Xiaoxi to embark on a criminal path, and subsequently initiated a mandatory parental education procedure for the family.

  "There are no inherently bad children in this world. Through the advancement of mandatory parental education, the parent-child relationship between Xiaoxi and his parents has become closer." Since Sichuan Province explored mandatory parental education in 2015, Wei Ting has been exposed to a large number of illegal activities. For families with criminal minors, she believes that even though Liangliang's relationship with his mother is currently tense, after in-depth family education and guidance, it will definitely be changed. "After all, this is only our first'home visit'."

Parents "reinvented" rely on coercive force

  In Wei Ting's view, the advancement of family education for almost every illegal and criminal minor has not been smooth sailing.

  Taking Xiaoxi as an example, his father immediately quit his job in Yunnan and gave up his salary when he learned that his son was under criminal detention, and visited the detention center with his mother. But after being released on bail awaiting trial, Xiaoxi still confronted his parents, and his father could not find a way to get along with his children. The beating and scolding aggravated the tension.

  The procuratorate analyzed that the most basic bond of "love" in Xiaoxi’s family still exists, but the emotional rift caused by dereliction of duty, Xiaoxi’s deeper involvement in crimes, and his father’s hostility after he was released from prison. It is difficult to change the family. After evaluating and interviewing Xiaoxi’s family through a public welfare organization commissioned to carry out compulsory parental education, it finally carried out compulsory parental education based on six levels of youth group understanding, family problems and needs sorting, and learning communication skills, and according to their specific needs Carry out individual psychological counseling services.

  At the beginning, Xiaoxi's parents had one after another because they were too busy at work and refused to participate in compulsory parental education.

  "This phenomenon is very common." Wu Huanshui, deputy director of the Ninth Procuratorial Department of the Sichuan Provincial Procuratorate who specializes in handling juvenile crimes and infringement cases, told reporters that under normal circumstances, when the family support environment serves as the prosecutorial agency, no arrests, no prosecutions, and When referring to conditional non-prosecution, the parents are very cooperative with related work. However, once the conditional non-prosecution decision is made, parents often adopt a negative attitude towards the content of the follow-up family education.

  For this reason, Sichuan Province's procuratorial organs actively explore ways of comprehensively using administrative punishment and personal credit management to form a binding force for guardians who do not receive family education guidance. For guardians who do not cooperate without reason, a written warning will be served. Those who refuse or fail to cooperate more than twice, and are determined to be failing to perform guardianship duties according to law or infringing on the lawful rights and interests of the guarded minor, will be transferred to the public security organ for handling according to law.

  "Under the promotion of these compulsory forces, almost all parents can complete family education courses in accordance with the regulations. If the overall effect is not up to the standard, they will face delays and additional courses." Wu Huanshui said that up to now, the whole province of Sichuan involves minor criminals. In the case, the coverage rate of family education guidance has reached more than 90%.

"Parental Education" Urgently Needs Popularization

  Drug trafficking at a young age, theft, robbery, being sexually assaulted...In recent years, minors have been on the road to illegal crimes or suffered violations due to lack of guardianship and lack of family education. Wu Huanshui told reporters that in recent years, the Procuratorate has created more than 120 professional teams composed of uninspected prosecutors, including "Bright Shining", "Naai", and "Ge Sang Mei Duo". At the same time, it has introduced social professional forces to participate in the judicial protection of minors. , To enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of family education and guidance, and recently signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Provincial Communist Youth League Committee to jointly build a professional juvenile judicial social work team.

  However, Wu Huanshui and the others still often feel powerless. “Only relying on procuratorial organs to promote parental education, human, material, and energy are not enough to support.” Some grassroots non-procuratorial prosecutors in various cities and prefectures in Sichuan Province believe that parental education under judicial intervention is a remedy and should be further improved. The port moves forward, making family education guidance a kind of universal education curriculum. "Of course, these can only be realized if the whole society advances together." Wu Huanshui said.

  "In addition, parental education also needs legislation as support." Wei Ting told reporters that because there is no law as a support, it is difficult to define the rationality and legitimacy of "compulsory" implementation. The Sichuan Provincial Procuratorate’s non-inspection system has renamed the “compulsory parental education” that was initially promoted as “strengthening family education guidance”. She hopes that the country can incorporate family education into the legislative level so that judicial intervention in family education can be followed. Through legal coercion and deterrence, parents of minors whose guardianship neglects their duties or improper guardianship are allowed to face family problems squarely and pay attention to parental education.

  Reporter: Li Na