Clarification of President's Responsibility in TEPCO Nuclear Safety Regulations Regulation Committee “Generally appropriate” August 26, 17:04

Aiming to restart the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station in Niigata Prefecture, TEPCO stipulated the president's responsibility in the event of an accident in the “Safety Regulations” that summarizes nuclear power plant management procedures. The Nuclear Regulation Authority was requested to state that it is generally appropriate and that information regarding important judgments regarding safety is also transmitted.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority issued a pass 3 years ago for the regulatory standards required for restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant Units 6 and 7 in Niigata Prefecture. We made an unusual request to TEPCO to clearly state our approach and attitude to prevent an accident.

In response to this, TEPCO this month,
▽ risk of accident is uncertain, even as it undetermined to determine the corresponding raise the report to the President, to save the record until the abolition of the nuclear reactor,
▽ than economy In addition, the
plan was to include seven items, including the assumption that safety is to be ensured and that the president will take responsibility for nuclear safety as the top executive.

Regarding this, the Regulation Committee made it generally appropriate at the meeting on the 26th, but it was pointed out from the committee that it should be clearly stated that timely transmission of information regarding important safety judgments should be made, and TEPCO is requested. became.

Based on TEPCO's response, the regulatory committee will decide whether to approve the "safety rules" at a public meeting.