Former Judge “How Cash Respondents Answer” Kawai Mae Hosou and his wife trial August 25, 10:03

Former criminal judge and professor Tomoyuki Mizuno of the Hosei University Law School said, ``It is guilty or not guilty whether it is determined that the provision of cash was not a political activity but an acquisition purpose to elect Satoshi. It will be."

In addition, he added, ``Because the money is not colored, whether the court is a political activity or an election purpose by combining various factors such as the time when the cash was delivered, the behavior during the exchange, the relationship with the cash recipient, etc. It's a world where there is no such thing as recordings or other evidence, so it's important to see how local councilors, who are supposed to provide cash, respond to witness interrogation."

In addition, all 100 people who are supposed to be provided with cash have been postponed for criminal disposition, and it is the policy that former Minister Kawai will request "dismissal of public prosecution" because of suspected illegal "judicial transaction" Regarding this, Professor Mizuno said, "There have been few cases in which the court has decided to "dismiss the case" and the hurdles are high, but it is fair to say that it is "unfair" that the cash recipient has not been charged. I think there will be a part of it. I think that the investigation of the prosecution will be taken up during the witness interrogation of local lawmakers, so I would like to pay attention to what judgment the court will make as both parties make their claims."