First trial in a childcare worker murder case Defendants allege innocence Tokyo District Court August 24, 11:52

In March last year, the first trial of a former colleague who was accused of murdering a childcare worker in an apartment in Suginami Ward, Tokyo was held, and the defendant pleaded guilty to the murder.

A nursery teacher, Yusuke Matsuoka (33), invaded an apartment in Shimoigusa, Suginami-ku in March last year, and murdered him with a knife in the back of his orphanage colleague, Tsukumi Terui (32). Is being asked.

At the first trial held in the Tokyo District Court on the 24th, defendant Matsuoka said, "I will remain silent in this court until the end. I will leave the rest to the lawyer."

The defendant's attorney pleaded acquitted of the murder, saying, "I have no objection to having entered the victim's room on the day of the incident, but the person who killed it was a third party other than the defendant."

The prosecutor's office stated in the opening statement, "Since the victim's coat had blood stains left on it, and after the incident, he searched on his cell phone for "self-reliance," "murder amenity," etc. There is no possibility of.”

On the other hand, the defendant's lawyer insisted, "DNA types other than the defendant and the victim have been detected from the scene, and it is suspected that a third party is involved."