China News Service, Hanyuan, Sichuan, August 21st. Title: (The first scene) Directly hit the scene of a landslide in Hanyuan, Sichuan: 7 people have been killed and search and rescue have been carried out overnight

  Author Shan Peng Liu Zhongjun Yue Yitong

  "Fear is afraid." Recalling the collapse of the mountain more than ten hours ago, Luo Lijing, a villager in Zhonghai Village, Fuquan Town, Hanyuan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province was still emotional.

  The terrified Luo Lijing recalled that when the mountain collapsed in the early morning of the 21st, the earth and rocks poured down, and the collapsed earth stopped less than ten meters away from her home; the high-voltage power lines collided with each other and the fire was splashed, making a "cracking" sound; The three-story building in which she lived was shaking strongly. "I hurried out and sounded the electric car alarm to let the villagers evacuate."

In the early morning of August 21, a landslide occurred in Group 6 of Zhonghai Village, Fuquan Town, Hanyuan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan, and several houses were buried. The picture shows overlooking the landslide site. Sichuan emergency provision

  At about 3:50 on the 21st, affected by continuous heavy rainfall, there was a sudden landslide in Group 6 of Zhonghai Village, Fuquan Town, Hanyuan County. According to the official report, after field surveys, the landslide body is in the shape of a long strip tongue. The surface slope of the landslide body is about 25 degrees, the width is about 280 meters, the oblique length is about 880 meters, and the maximum thickness is about 20 to 30 meters. 800,000 cubic meters, the total volume of the landslide is about 5 million cubic meters, which is a large-scale landslide geological disaster. More than 940 people affected by the disaster have been relocated in an emergency. The landslide has caused serious damage to 8 houses and 9 people were buried.

  After full rescue, as of 20 o'clock on the 21st, 7 people have been killed in the landslide disaster, and 2 missing persons are still searching.

  At about 14:00, a reporter from China News Agency arrived in Zhonghai Village. At the scene, the earth that rushed into the village had piled up a mound about five stories high, and the broken walls of the houses in the mound were clearly visible.

The picture shows the rescue scene. Photo courtesy of Sichuan Emergency Management Department

  In the collapsed area, 10 excavators swung their mechanical arms to work quickly in the roar of the huge engines; on the nearby highway, heavy trucks loaded with earth and rocks drove far away, raising dust on the road. A firefighter who participated in the rescue said that the trucks and excavators came from the road and bridge group of Sichuan Railway Investment, which was constructing the nearby Ehan Expressway. "They arrived at the scene at about 5:20 in the morning. The difficulty of the rescue at the scene is that the amount of earthwork is too large, and hands and simple tools are not enough. Fortunately, there are large machines for excavation."

  Through drone aerial photography, the reporter found that the landslide occurred in the middle and high part of the mountain, still some distance from the top of the mountain. The aerial footage showed that the landslide was mainly caused by the shedding of the surface of the mountain, but there were still scattered trees on the surface of the mountain; a road at the foot of the mountain was blocked by a collapsed landslide.

  In the afternoon of the same day, the reporter saw at the rescue site that fire rescue personnel found the remains of a male victim and two female victims under the collapsed residential building in Zhonghai Village. One of them was a pregnant woman.

The picture shows firefighters carrying out rescue overnight. Sichuan emergency provision

  At the same time, the reporter learned at the scene that after the disaster, villagers in Zhonghai Village were moved to several nearby settlements. At 16:00, the reporter came to a temporary resettlement site of Hope Primary School, which is about 1.1 kilometers away from Zhonghai Village. According to the person in charge of the resettlement site, a total of 6 classrooms with ceiling fans have been renovated here, more than 100 folding beds have been placed, and free lunches, hot water, medicine and daily necessities have been provided to the victims.

  In the resettlement site, some older villagers lay on their beds to rest, while the children who were evacuated together played in the shade of the school. "Here we have food, toiletries, everything." Luo Hanping, a villager in Zhonghai Village, carrying a box lunch, said that the collapse of the mountain caused cracks in the roof of the building at home. He plans to live with his grandson in a temporary "home" tonight.

  At 17 o'clock, the reporter returned to Zhonghai Village. Yang Xiaoyong, the political instructor of the Sichuan Hanyuan Fire Rescue Brigade, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that after receiving the police at 4:16 in the morning, the fire rescue personnel dispatched 3 vehicles and 16 people to carry radar detectors, cutting machines and other rescue equipment. The points rushed to the scene to start rescue. "We will continue to search and rescue tonight, while observing the surrounding environment to prevent recurrence of dangerous situations." (End)