, August 20. In response to “the explosion and leakage of a chemical tank in Leshan City on the Internet, resulting in a large amount of smoke”, the official Weibo of Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province issued a notice on the 20th, saying that at present, the emergency and environmental protection departments are on-site According to the survey, no explosion occurred in the hazardous chemical companies in Wutongqiao District. The whole district is carrying out a carpet inspection of hazardous chemical companies in the area again. Please do not believe or spread rumors.

  The notification pointed out that after investigation, all chemical companies in Wutongqiao District did not explode. At present, the cause of the peculiar smell and dense fog in the central urban area of ​​Wutongqiao has been rapidly monitored by the ecological environment and other departments, and no excessive gas such as hydrogen chloride has been found. Through the investigation by the environmental protection department and the self-inspection of the enterprise, no abnormal phenomena such as leaks were found. The water and gas sampling and testing are now being carried out to further investigate.

  Earlier, the official Weibo of Wutongqiao District of Leshan City released rumours saying that after on-site investigations by the Wutongqiao District Emergency Management and Ecological Environment Department, no burning, explosion and leakage of Hebang, Yongxiang, Fuhua and other enterprises have been found in the district. Regarding the cause of the smoke reported by netizens, the safety system of Yongxiang Co., Ltd. normally relieves pressure.