Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, August 20 (Reporter Liang Zhang) On the 20th, the People’s Court of Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region publicly sentenced the Yinchuan Eurasian Men’s Hospital in the case of a vicious criminal group in the first instance. 48 defendants were due to fraud, extortion, and deliberate He was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for crimes such as injury, and the principal culprit, Su Yixiong, was sentenced to 20-year imprisonment.

  The People's Court of Xingqing District found out after trial that in July 2015, Su Yixiong and others invested in the establishment of Yinchuan Eurasian Men's Health Hospital Co., Ltd., with Su Yixiong as the legal representative of the company. The personnel of various departments and departments of the hospital rely on the operating platform of the hospital to use the asymmetry of doctor-patient information, network customer service, medical guidance, outpatient service, B-ultrasound examination to surgery, treatment and other links to collude and cooperate with each other, using fictitious conditions, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment effects, etc. The method performs inspection, surgery, and treatment on the victim to defraud the victim's property.

  During the operation, the Yinchuan Eurasia Men's Hospital used methods such as "not suture the wound" to force the victim to accept additional operations and treatments, and to blackmail the victim's property. When defrauding or extorting the victim’s property, the implementation of minimally invasive examinations that have no medical basis and is impossible to achieve the purpose of examination and diagnosis or does not meet the diagnosis and treatment norms, false operations, causing physical damage to the victim. From July 2015 to May 2019, Yinchuan Eurasian Men's Health Hospital illegally collected more than 100 million yuan in illegal wealth, defrauded 348 people, and caused 18 minor injuries and 51 minor injuries.

  After trial, the court held that Yinchuan Eurasia Men’s Hospital used fraud, intimidation, threats, coercion and other means to carry out many illegal and criminal activities for a long time, committing evil for wrong, disrupting the order of economic and social life, and causing bad social influence, and it should be regarded as a evil force. criminal gang. The principal culprit, Su Yixiong, committed fraud, extortion, and intentional injury. He was sentenced to a combined sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of 6.1 million yuan, deprived of political rights for 5 years. The other defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 19 years to 2 years and 6 months. At the same time, 48 defendants were sentenced to different periods of prohibition from practicing in medical-related industries.