China News Service, August 19th. Li Liying is the chief producer, Guo Jingyu is the chief screenwriter, Bai Shan is the chief director, Liu Fang is the director, Zhao Wenzhuo leads the starring, and Mao Linlin, Shi Xiaolong, Wang Yi starred in "The Hero Huo" "Yuan Jia" ended on the 19th at iQiyi. Since its launch, "Heroes Fearless" has been popular among netizens with its three-dimensional and vivid characters.


  "Heroes Fearless" started with the Jingwumen vs. Abe Gymnasium yesterday, and opened a feast for the show. In the ring match with the Japanese Gymnasium, after Huo Yuanjia’s meticulous array of troops, Liu Zhensheng, Xu Dayou, Sand Wolf, and Chen Zhen all played, and Huo Yuanjia played three rounds with "fists", "swords" and "guns". In the end, Jingwumen won the end.

  Regarding the reasons for the filming of this drama, the general director Bai Shan said that he is also a big fan of Huo Yuanjia. He mentioned that his shooting ideas are based on national sentiments, based on historical facts, and expressed through martial arts. The three points support each other and establish the uniqueness of "Heroes Fearless".

  Therefore, in the selection of actors, Bai Shan always choose actors who can "fight" as far as possible for the roles involved in martial arts scenes, whether it is Zhao Wenzhuo, Shi Xiaolong, or a group of apprentices from Kaohsiung and Huo Yuanjia who are over 70 years old. Use less substitutes to restore the original flavor of martial arts.