13,000 tons of fruits and vegetables in Xinfadi on the first day of resumption

Implementation of the "seller registration system, buyer membership system", retrospective implementation of people, cars, and goods; dynamic market closing time will be set during periods of light transactions

  Beijing Xinfadi officially resumed the market and completely cancelled the retail function. The intelligent management system is enabled, and people, vehicles, and goods are traced back through real-name authentication. Implement regional sales, divide regions according to business categories, separate people and vehicles, and standardize transaction order. A 1,000-square-meter convenient vegetable market is newly established outside the market to protect the needs of surrounding residents.

  Beijing News Yesterday, Beijing Xinfadi officially resumed the market after the market was closed for more than 60 days. The Southern District opened on the first day of the resumption of the market, with more than 1,000 vehicles entering the market and about 13,000 tons of fruits and vegetables. The North District is expected to open to the outside world before September 10, when the Xinfadi market will be fully restored.

Yesterday, the delivery shuttle bus in the trading zone of Xinfadi Market.

Over 1,000 vehicles entered the market on the first day of market resumption

  Early yesterday morning, the reporter saw a long queue of vehicles waiting to enter the big farm gate of Xinfadi. According to Gu Zhaoxue, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Xinfadi, the original plan was to let vehicles enter the venue at 8 o'clock yesterday morning. Due to the large number of vehicles entering the venue, the market was 22 minutes ahead of schedule, starting at 7:38.

  According to statistics, 815 cars have been reserved on the night of August 14, and a total of 1,125 parking spaces have been reserved in the open southern area. "I heard that Xinfadi has resumed the market. Some customers did not make an appointment and came to the market at night. Nearly 200 vehicles." Gu Zhaoxue said, Xinfadi arranged staff to come to register for them overnight. The market strictly implements an appointment-by-vehicle admission system. At present, there are no more than 1125 vehicles entering the market, but the parking spaces are dynamic, and vehicles will be arranged after the transaction is completed.

  Gu Zhaoxue said that more than a thousand vehicles entered the site and it is estimated that about 13,000 tons of fruits and vegetables will be brought. Before the epidemic, the daily trading volume of vegetables and fruits was 20,000 tons each.

Divide regional people and vehicles according to business categories to standardize order

  Entering the big farm gate, the reporter saw a large open space. Parking spaces are marked on the ground, and many businesses stand in front of their parking spaces, waiting for their trucks to enter the market.

  According to Gu Zhaoxue, in this renovation, the entire market has been leveled and paved with cement and asphalt floors, reaching 360,000 square meters, and nearly 50,000 square meters of various temporary buildings have been demolished. Divisional sales, divide the area according to the business category, and divide the distribution area (seller area), purchase area (buyer area), and ferry area (turnover area) according to transaction functions. After the buyers and sellers enter the market, they will park in the corresponding area to realize the separation of people and vehicles. , Regulate the market transaction order.

  The area south of the Xinfa Landlord’s Market Railway, which opened to the outside world yesterday, covers an area of ​​651 mu, plus 146 acres in the new turnover area and 81 acres in the first turnover area, a total of 878 acres, which will restore 60% of the fruit and vegetable trading volume during the normal period of the market. The northern area plans to open to the outside world before September 10, realizing the full resumption of the new market.

  The reporter learned that after the resumption of the Xinfadi market, a dynamic closing time will be set during periods of light trading. Gu Zhaoxue stated that the decision will be made after consulting merchants and purchasers.

Yesterday, convenience fruit and vegetable shops around Xinfadi Market.

Convenient vegetable markets and vegetable shops to ensure residents' demand for grocery shopping

  According to Gu Zhaoxue, in order to ensure the daily life of surrounding residents, a 1,000-square-meter convenient vegetable market was newly established outside the market to reduce intermediate links and strictly control the prices of agricultural products. At the same time, Xinfadi Market also promoted its 77 convenient vegetable shops and 164 community vegetable through trains to fully resume the market to ensure the demand of community residents for purchasing vegetables.

  According to reports, there are currently 75 convenient vegetable shops and 87 vegetable carts resumed operations. The rest of the vegetable shops and vegetable carts are expected to resume this weekend. The retail price of the convenient vegetable market will not exceed 10% of the wholesale price. . If citizens find that it is difficult to buy vegetables in the surrounding area, they can contact Xinfadi Market to coordinate the food carts of convenient vegetable shops to ensure the supply.

close up

Merchant: I feel more comfortable than before

  Xu Zhu, the founder of Xinfadi Au Lago, entered the market yesterday with 8 vehicles, ranging from 12 tons to 25 tons. The main varieties are dragon fruit, sunshine rose, kiwi fruit and so on. "It is about one-third less than before the market was closed, and the goods will gradually enter the market in these two days."

  Xu Zhu said that compared with wholesale business, many merchants are like him. They first get familiar with the environment and see what their "home" has become. "I walked through the audience with my legs, and I feel more comfortable than before in terms of traffic and management." In the past, Xinfadi Market had many small sheds built by merchants, and vehicles were parked disorderly.

  Xu Zhu introduced that because the temporary vegetable trading area occupies half of the fruit trading area, the fruit vehicles that arrived yesterday have been saturated, and some of them could not get in. During the day, it is mainly a process of communication between wholesalers and purchasers, and formal transactions generally start at night.

  "In terms of cost, it is lower than before the epidemic." Xu Zhu said that the market exempts merchants from all management fees such as entry fees and booth fees, and merchants are also working hard to organize the supply of goods. The news of Xinfadi’s resumption of the market came. A week ago, Xu Zhu and his employees had registered and made an appointment. He believes that about half a month after the market resumes, the expected transaction volume will be about the same as before, depending on how well suppliers and purchasers accept the current process. "If you become familiar faster, the transaction volume will come up faster. We will restore the supply as soon as possible and work with the market to ensure Beijing's vegetable baskets and fruit plates." Xu Zhu said.

  Liu Changcheng, a purchaser from Beijing Century Kaitai Agricultural and Sideline Products Production and Marketing Co., Ltd., came to the market early yesterday morning. Because it was the first time he entered the market, "In the beginning, the face was not recognized. It was delayed for a few minutes. Then it went smoothly. Recognition, temperature measurement and release, non-inductive entry."

  He walked for a walk in the market first, and then took the shuttle bus for a round, feeling "open and bright". I went to the trading area to inquire, and exchanged greetings with familiar suppliers, “I haven’t seen them for more than two months, and everyone is very moved.” Liu Changcheng said that on the first day the market resumed, his purpose was not to sell goods. “The main reason is to come Get the bottom line, and by the way, make an appointment for the goods to be agreed."


How to realize the traceability of people, vehicles and goods after the market resumes?

  The reporter learned on site visits that after the resumption of the market, the Xinfadi wholesale market has enabled an intelligent management system to trace people, vehicles, and goods through real-name authentication. Now, from registration, appointment, entry, trading, to exit, all five links are online.

  "Simply put, who, what car, what goods were pulled, where did the goods come from, who traded with them after entering the market, the number and amount of transactions, where the goods flowed, the whole process of the transaction is traceable and searchable." Gu Mega Theory.


The four types of users "buy, sell, people, and car" must register in advance

  It is understood that after the resumption of the market, the Xinfadi market adopts the "seller registration system and buyer membership system", and both buyers and sellers must register on the "Beijing Xinfadi" or "Xinfadi" WeChat public account, and only after passing verification Enter the market to trade.

  Due to the implementation of "separation of batches and retails", only four types of users will enter the wholesale market of Xinfadi in the future, namely buyers, sellers, staff and vehicles.

  The staff have all completed registration and filing, and can enter the market normally through temperature measurement, face recognition or QR code recognition. Buyers and sellers need to register their employees and vehicles uniformly.

  As it was the first day of market resumption, many old merchants came here after hearing the news and had not completed registration before. In response to such special circumstances, Xinfadi Market temporarily arranges personnel to check the entry QR code when sellers are waiting in line, and guide them to complete registration for unregistered merchants to ensure smooth and orderly entry.

Appointment system

The seller makes a "Tomorrow Vehicle Application" one day in advance

  It is understood that after the market resumes, an appointment system will be implemented for transactions. Merchants must complete the "Tomorrow Vehicle Application" in the official account of Xinfadi on the day before entering the transaction, and report personal information, license plate numbers, cargo categories, origin, and edible agricultural products Certificates, photos of the goods, etc., and specify the specific entry time. Only after passing the approval can enter the market the next day.

  Buyers’ appointments are relatively simple. In order to encourage buyers to make more purchases, they can enter the venue by making an appointment half an hour in advance. For the appointment, the name, ID number, contact information, and main body of the company must be provided.

  All the above information will be collected and stored in the market's intelligent management system.

  The reporter saw at the scene that the top column on the large electronic screen of the management system was scrolling and updating the timetable of vehicles entering the venue in real time, including the license plate number, company body, contact person, contact number and application time.

  In addition, it also dynamically displays the cumulative number of in and out of the market and the number of people in the distribution area and loading area that day, as well as real-time images of each entrance and exit.


Passengers, vehicles, vehicles enter the venue and self-service throughout the whole process

  In the approach link, people and vehicles are separated. In addition to the driver, the other people in the same vehicle must get off and enter the venue from the above-mentioned personnel entrance. The driver drives the vehicle to enter the venue from the vehicle entrance.

  The reporter saw at the scene that two windows were set up at the entrance of the vehicle, namely, the “weighbridge” and the “sampling room”. The driver needs to drive the vehicle to the electronic platform to weigh, and get off the vehicle to the "weighbridge" window to measure the temperature, check the registration identity and provide the previous day's report information. After the staff has checked the registration information in the system, they can let it go.

  Afterwards, the driver brings samples of the on-board cargo to the "sampling room" and completes the application for self-service inspection of agricultural products online through a small program, mainly for the detection of pesticide residues, etc. The inspection report can be obtained after about half an hour, and transactions can be carried out based on the report.

  Xinhai Ding, the person in charge of the intelligent management system of Xinfadi Market, introduced that there is currently no limit on the number of vehicles entering the market. The intelligent management cloud system of the market can elastically expand cloud storage, for flexible expansion during peak periods such as evenings, and the frequency of vehicle entry during the day. When it is less, the flexibility will be shortened to ensure the stability of the market intelligence management system.


Traceable goods on the electronic transaction line

  After the vehicle enters the field, it must obey the market dispatch and park in the designated area. In accordance with the principle of "zoning management" after the resumption of the market, the seller's vehicle is parked in the distribution area, the buyer's vehicle is parked in the purchasing area, and the buyer gets off the vehicle and walks to the distribution area to purchase goods.

  The reporter saw in the distribution area that fruits and vegetables of the same category were sold in one area. The staff introduced that because it was the first day of the market resumption, the stalls were not fixed yet, but as market operations gradually returned to the right track, fixed stalls would be formed in the future.

  One obvious difference is that after the resumption of the market, electronic transactions and online traces have been realized in the transaction link. Buyers show the transaction code. After the seller scans the code, fill in the goods, amount, quantity, origin and other information, and the buyers and sellers confirm the submission before proceeding with the goods. transaction. Subsequently, a market shuttle bus transfers the successfully traded goods from the distribution area to the purchasing area, and the buyer leaves after loading the vehicle.

  The buyer also needs to display the membership code when leaving the site. The staff collects and uploads the transaction information to the intelligent management system by scanning the code, so that the source information of the goods can be traced and the whereabouts of the goods can be checked.


  Gu Zhaoxue, Executive Deputy General Manager of Xinfadi:

  Xinfadi wants to return to its true nature to do bulk product wholesale transactions

  Gu Zhaoxue, the executive deputy general manager of Xinfadi, who was busy on the spot on the first day of the resumption of the market, had mixed feelings, "Thank them (merchants) for their persistence in the market. Although I didn't sleep last night, I now feel that I am in trouble. It's finished."

  Gu Zhaoxue said that Xinfadi is no longer open to sporadic purchases and individual consumers this time. "Xinfadi wants to return to the original, our development direction is to do wholesale transactions of bulk products."

Talk about change

Everything is transaction-oriented, four-color vest distinguishes different identities

  Beijing News: How did you feel on the first day?

  Gu Zhaoxue: Seeing that our dear merchants are all here, and seeing familiar faces, we have mixed feelings. We are very touched. They have not abandoned us for more than two months, which shows that the merchants still have a lot of sentiment towards Xinfadi. The "golden signboard" of Xinfadi is still very attractive. In the hearts of us and the merchants, it is like "home is back."

  Beijing News: What changes have been made in this upgrade?

  Gu Zhaoxue: In terms of environmental order, we leveled, repaired, and hardened the ground. We also completed various signs and markings and demolished various temporary buildings. It also implements a real-name appointment system, and both buyers and sellers register and pass verification before entering the market. There is a dedicated staff to guide the entrance. In addition, we have established a normalized epidemic prevention and control system.

  Beijing News: According to the current process, what is the process of a complete wholesale transaction?

  Gu Zhaoxue: Those who enter the market now rely on transactions. Different people in our market wear different colored vests. The red vest is the seller, the blue vest is the market staff, the yellow vest is the buyer, and the green vest is the staff in the delivery shuttle bus.

  The gates of our open area this time are also very clearly divided. For example, Da Nong Gate is the entrance of specialized fruit vehicles, Fu Nong Gate is the entrance of vegetable vehicles; San Nong Gate and Yu Nong Gate are the passages for delivery vehicles; Qiang Nong Gate There are two lanes for entering vehicles and three lanes for exiting vehicles, which are dedicated to the 71-mu cargo parking lot. There is a hard separation between the wholesale area and the procurement area. Buyers go to the wholesale area to look forward to the goods, and the shuttle bus delivers the goods to the stocking purchasing area to help the purchaser load the vehicle, thus completing a complete transaction process.

Talk about the future

Realize intelligent management and improve market management efficiency

  Beijing News: Why is it no longer open to individual consumers?

  Gu Zhaoxue: The development direction of Xinfadi's positioning is the wholesale transaction of bulk products and the bulk purchase of units. The market has several requirements for buyers, one is for the company, the other is for the second-level wholesale qualification, and the third is for long-term unit purchasers. Our goal is to truly trace back where people come from, where cars come from, and where goods come from; through the buyer’s membership system, we can clearly grasp where the goods flow, where the cars flow, and where the people flow. Ultimately, use intelligent management and high-tech means to improve the efficiency of market management, accurately grasp the data, and provide a scientific basis for market management and government regulation of agricultural product dynamics, supply and demand information.

  The Beijing News: Will no longer allow small purchasers and individual consumers to enter the market, will it affect the business of merchants?

  Gu Zhaojun: The purchase volume of individual consumers is not large, but the flow of people and vehicles is quite large. Now that it is no longer open to them, it will not have a significant impact on the business of market merchants, but will greatly improve the order.

  Beijing News: Only doing bulk wholesale will affect the supply of agricultural products and vegetable prices in the future?

  Gu Zhaoxue: Now we are separated from batches and parts, and regions are also separated, from the past "thousands of troops and horses" to the current "strong soldiers and strong generals". We know that the price of agricultural products changes with the relationship between supply and demand. Supply exceeds demand and prices rise; when supply exceeds demand, prices fall. Now that the flow of people has decreased, the flow of vehicles has also decreased, but the supply has increased. This will play a positive role in maintaining the supply of agricultural products and stabilizing prices.

  A04-A05 edition writing/Beijing News reporter Chen Lin Jiang Huizi

  A04-A05 version photography / Beijing News reporter Wu Ning