A member of the "Best Pastry Chef" team on M6 tested positive for coronavirus in early August. Filming had been interrupted and will continue to be, after the entire production team has been tested and 16 people are positive for Covid-19, reveals "Closer".

The filming of the show Le Meilleur Pâtissier , broadcast on M6 and in particular hosted by Cyril Lignac, was interrupted in early August for at least 14 days, after a member of the team tested positive for the coronavirus. The entire production then had to be tested, and Closer  noted the results. According to the celebrity magazine, 16 people from the show tested positive for Covid-19. The Best Pastry Chef  seems to be a mini-cluster on its own, even if we do not know who it is: members of the production, technical staff, candidates or jury. 

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Filming still can't resume

In a statement relayed by BBC Studios France, which co-produces the show with Kitchen Factory, the production explained that it "will follow all the medical recommendations required to plan the resumption of filming as soon as possible", relates  Closer While the filming of this ninth season of the Meilleur Pâtissier had resumed in July, so impossible to know when it will resume again, nor when Julia Vignali, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte will be back on stage.