Chinanews Client Beijing, August 14 (Reporter Song Yusheng) The reporter was informed that on August 13, Professor Shenyang from the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University and his team released the "New Media Development Research in the First Half of 2020".

  The report focuses on the development of new media during the first half of this year. By selecting social media, mainstream media news clients, aggregation information clients, and short videos, a total of fifteen applications are selected to provide a comprehensive interpretation of China’s new media in the first half of 2020. Media development trends.

Data map: In August of this year, the world's first live broadcast of "8K 5G" of the National Centre for the Performing Arts will start. Theatre courtesy

"New media dependence" under the epidemic

  In the first half of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic had a huge impact on people's lives.

  However, from the perspective of technology application, the "New Media Development Research in the First Half of 2020" believes that this also provides test space for the popularization of emerging media technologies, and promotes the construction of new media to usher in a new round of development opportunities.

  The report pointed out that as a main body with information release and multi-party connection functions, the new media has further exerted its functions, allowing the epidemic information to be "transmitted immediately", realizing the expansion of online industries in many industries, and the strong connection between public opinion bubbles and the real world. The unprecedented "new media reliance" of the public. The publishing subjects range from mainstream media and official accounts to social media and netizens, and all types of information are showing an exponential growth trend.

  In major media reports, Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Wenhong, Li Lanjuan and other doctors and scientific research workers successfully went out of the circle and used the new media platform to communicate with the public in real time and solve problems.

  In addition, public demand for serious news has risen sharply. On the whole, the topic setting of mainstream media news clients strengthened positive emotions, and at the same time achieved multi-topic synergistic resonance, making the overall public opinion positive.

Data Map: Screenshot of Wuhan University's official Weibo live broadcast

Short video and slow live broadcast

  In addition to news, short video, slow live broadcast and other communication methods developed quite dazzlingly in the first half of this year.

  The report pointed out that short news videos directly and vividly disseminated information about the epidemic, short government videos accounted for a prominent image of being close to the people, and short entertainment videos enriched the lives of people at home, and soothed people's emotions in the protracted battle against the epidemic.

  "The short video that reflects the early situation of the epidemic showed "hard core" broadcasts, slogans, etc., and later also reflected the daily scenes of people living at home, having fun or making food. The work of frontline medical staff was recorded during the critical period of the epidemic in Hubei. State, life in Wuhan Fangcang shelter hospital, Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Wenhong and other "golden sentences" run through."

  At the same time, during the epidemic, the slow live broadcast of the construction sites of the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals affected the hearts of the people across the country. The number of people online at the same time during a single live broadcast exceeded 100 million.

  According to the report, the slow live broadcast provides a virtual physical space where the audience is present at the same time. The interaction of emotions and opinions in the comment area builds an information field. The interaction of the physical field and the information field together builds a new situational information system. The system contributed to the second spread of this slow live broadcast.

Data map: The webcast master recommends Yunnan Goods. Photo by Li Jiaxian

Online life

  "The increase in online time per capita during the epidemic has provided favorable conditions for the development of the online industry. Starting from the thinking of users, mainstream media continue to enrich and innovate information dissemination forms and improve dissemination efficiency."

  The report pointed out that the popularization and wide application of network technology has made virtual presence in the epidemic possible. The publicity of a certain area within the perspective has reproduced the meaning of presence to some extent. Even recruitment and teaching that rely strongly on offline communication now have the cloud. Opportunity for communication.

  A series of live events such as "Flower Appreciation in the Cloud", "Cloud Supervisor", "Cloud Delivery" and "Cloud Recruitment" have provided new opportunities for traffic growth.

  On the other hand, affected by the epidemic, the slowdown of the offline economy has caused the public's attention to shift to online, providing ample space for live broadcasts to release vitality, and accelerate the expansion of the scale of live broadcasts.

  The report shows that the MCN responsible for the production of the entire chain of content products is no longer limited to the product form of operating video personal accounts, but points the content meaning to the e-commerce level of live broadcast and gradually improves the online product system, making e-commerce gradually become The content production main body of the circle and even the society.

  "With the help of the continuous fermentation of the head anchors and the high participation of government officials and entertainment stars, the live broadcast of the goods has expanded the marketing scope of the company to a certain extent, and helped the products reach consumers directly and detonate traffic."

  However, the report also suggests that when the epidemic has stabilized and people’s offline consumption has recovered, how live e-commerce companies can truly seize the trend and dividends, explore a healthier and longer-term value economy development model, and avoid falling into the short-sighted "eyeball economy" It is worth continuing to ponder and explore.

  "The increase in social distance and the decrease in network distance" have become the current reality.

  Yu Guoming, professor and executive dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University, pointed out that although the application of new media is very popular in the epidemic, there are still a considerable number of people who have barriers to the use of technology. How to achieve media in the process of popularizing new media in the future Relief is also an issue of great concern to academic circles. (Finish)