Chinanews client, Beijing, August 14 (Reporter Shangguanyun) A mobile phone, plus a stand... Under the Internet wave swept, new book conferences were moved to the cloud, and live book sales seemed to have quietly risen.

  "Live broadcast" and "Bring goods" are undoubtedly the two hot words this year. As a marketing method, can live broadcast successfully break the boundaries of the niche book publishing field and attract more attention?

Live broadcast, a "compulsory course" for publishers?

  In August this year, on the first day of the opening of the Shanghai Book Fair, Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House ushered in a series of live events.

Writer Jiang Shengnan is on the live broadcast of Shanghai Book Fair and Internet experts. Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House

  "We started planning the live broadcast of this year's Shanghai Book Fair very early, inviting famous artists from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places to carry out 12 cultural activities, all of which were broadcast live through the Internet platform." Xu Longtao, vice president of Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House, introduced.

  He mentioned that on the 12th, it was about 4 hours of live broadcast, with a total sales of nearly 300,000 yuan. The famous writer Jiang Shengnan entered the live broadcast room for 10 minutes and sold nearly 3,000 books, which was more than the on-site signing event. Be hot.

  "On the 12th, for this cooperation with third-party online platforms and Internet experts, the other party does not charge a pit fee. We sell books in the live room at a relatively favorable price, and together we will "drain the flow" for the Shanghai Book Fair." Xu Longtao said.

  As he said, live broadcasting now seems to have become a "compulsory course" for publishing houses' marketing.

Writer, professional anchor...Which company is strong in carrying goods?

  It is worth noting that when it comes to book sales on live broadcasts, well-known professional anchors are often mentioned for their powerful delivery capabilities.

  Although professional anchors have a strong ability to carry goods, Chen Yanjin, editor of People's Literature Publishing House, said that at present, as far as publishing houses are concerned, the live broadcast is basically based on writers or editors.

  One of the reasons is probably the "pit fee" mentioned earlier. According to previous media reports, in order to display products in the live broadcast room, merchants often need to pay the anchor "pit fee" in advance. Depending on the size of the anchor's traffic, the price ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

  Books are often low-profit and relatively niche. If there is such a fee, it can be considered a burden. In addition, Chen Yanjin also mentioned that sometimes publishers may have to offer ultra-low discounts when cooperating with certain anchors. In this case, if there is no profit, it is equivalent to promotion.

Offline best-sellers, also good online

  In fact, purely in the book industry, the author’s popularity and the degree of sales of his works are also important factors that affect the results of live delivery.

Photo courtesy of People's Literature Publishing House

  Not long ago, the Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan held an online press conference for his new book "Late Mature". According to media reports, there were about 1.5 million "onlookers" at this press conference.

  Song Qiang, the organizer of the event and assistant to the president and director of the planning department of People’s Literature Publishing House, told China News Weekly that the live broadcast ended that evening and the sales data of Taobao, Dangdang, and were calculated. The book sales accompanying the live broadcast were about 35,000 thousand copies. .

  The indicator of time goes back again. Previously, author Shen Shixi launched a live-streamed online course, which was watched by more than 140,000 people. On that day, his work "The Dream of the Wolf King" sold more than 10,000 copies, and Ma Yang exceeded 300,000 yuan.

  The author's so-called "carrying ability" is still related to his own "traffic", such as whether there are enough book fans, whether the popularity is high enough, and so on. Some insiders also analyzed that Mo Yan is undoubtedly the "top stream" in the publishing circle. In addition, many writers, such as Shen Shixi and Xue Mo, whose works are usually more popular, it is not surprising that they have achieved good results with the goods.

Shen Shixi is live. Image source: video screenshot

The "Break the Circle" Journey of the Book Industry

  Earlier, the traditional book promotion model was mainly offline. The live broadcast of writers was far from being as dense as this year, and it was rarely followed and discussed so frequently.

  As a marketing method, live broadcast can break through the boundaries of space and reduce transaction costs. Chen Yanjin gave an example, “The number of famous writers in the past is limited due to venue restrictions. However, live broadcasts are hardly subject to this restriction.”

  The popularity of live broadcasting in the book field also reflects the changes in people's lifestyles. In a fast-paced society, watching live broadcasts may save some people's time costs while allowing them to obtain information more conveniently.

  However, can live broadcast enable the publishing industry to start a "breaking circle" journey? I am afraid it is not that simple. For example, the live broadcasts that many writers participate in or the live broadcasts organized by publishing houses simply move the previous offline press conferences online, and the model is quite similar.

  Chen Yanjin believes that the model of live streaming of books can be sustained. On the one hand, because some writers have large enough "traffic", best-selling writers don’t worry about bringing goods; on the other hand, it’s because, compared with offline activities of the same type, from attention In terms of sales, sales and other aspects, the live broadcast has indeed achieved obvious results.

Data map: The beauty anchor introduced the featured books live at the Shanghai Book Fair. Photo by Zhang Hengwei

  She also pointed out that the focus of the writer's live broadcast is "content" and effective communication with readers. Bringing goods is just a matter of course. "After all, readers who can patiently watch the book live broadcast should be more eager to have spiritual communication with writers and increase their knowledge. "

  "The strong interactive performance of live broadcast drives the sales of a certain book, and can also increase user stickiness." Xu Longtao said that in the future, live broadcast will become an "ordinary existence" in the publishing industry, "but the publishing industry The soul of live broadcast is still content." (End)