IR Corruption First trial of former corporate advisers of bribery Chinese companies August 26, 16:51, August 14

The first trial of bribery former corporate advisers of a Chinese company will be held in the Tokyo District Court on the 26th of this month in a corruption case involving an IR/integrated resort facility that was indicted by Representative Akimoto. Regarding this case, three supporters of Representative Akimoto have been arrested, such as by requesting former advisers to testify of their lies in a trial, and whether the former advisers will approve bribery provision in court is the focus Will be.

In the corruption case involving IR/integrated resort facilities, which was accused by the House of Representatives Defendant Akimoto (48), former advisors of Chinese companies Masahiko Konno (48) and Katsunori Nakazato (48), and sightseeing in Sapporo Former chairman of the company, Public Defendant Kamori (77) and others are accused of bribery. The first trial of the two former advisers and the former chairman will be held in the Tokyo District Court on 26th of this month.

Regarding this case, in the investigation stage, Representative Akimoto asked two former counselors who admitted that he handed 3 million yen in cash, but three supporters of Representative Akimoto want to testify at the trial However, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office was arrested on 4th of this month for trying to hand over cash, and the focus will be on whether the former advisors will approve bribes in court.