, August 14th, "Heroes Fearless" has ended on CCTV TV series (CCTV-8), iQiyi continues to broadcast, and the popularity continues. During the broadcast of the show on CCTV, the average viewership rate was 1.43%, and the highest viewership rate for a single episode was 2.13%, which triggered netizens to think and discuss about the new martial arts and real kung fu.


  As a Chinese martial arts drama, one of the biggest features of "Heroes Fearless" is "true kung fu". Liu Fang, one of the directors of the play, said that every martial arts action in the play has been carefully designed to make the audience see the charm of martial arts.

  This time, Zhao Wenzhuo portrayed the versatility of the great master Huo Yuanjia, his filial piety to his mother, respect for his wife, and care for his apprentice. In addition, Zhao Wenzhuo also interprets Huo Yuanjia's growth and transformation in a natural and touching manner.

  The older generation of martial artist Liang Xiaolong, Sun Wuji portrayed in the play left a very deep impression on the audience. As the "problem apprentice" Chen Zhen and Shi Xiaolong, he showed superb acting skills. The martial arts showdown between him and Huo Yuanjia is a highlight of the play. Sha Yan, played by Wang Yi, once admired Huo Yuanjia, but never crossed the boundary. Wang Yi put the character's sassiness and restraint to the right place. Huang Wenfa, played by Kou Jiarui, is the tear point in "Heroes Huo Yuanjia". Kou Jiarui has created a cute, cute, and 10,000 revolutionary youth who is good to Master. The scene of Huang Wenfa's heroic sacrifice drew countless audiences to tears.