China News Service, August 13 According to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s press release, in response to the local epidemic situation, the spokesperson of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced on the 13th that the special work arrangements for government employees will be extended by one week to August 23. Except for those who provide emergency and necessary public services, other government employees continue to work at home.

Data map: At noon on July 30, many migrant workers lined up to buy take-out meals at a restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Wei

  The spokesperson said that the special work arrangement has been implemented for almost one month. For the needs of the society as a whole to prevent and fight the epidemic, many public services have been reduced to varying degrees, which may extend the waiting time for services or take longer to complete the processing. The application has caused impact and inconvenience to the public. I hope the public will understand.

  The spokesman said that the anti-epidemic work is a protracted battle. In the coming week, the SAR government will continue to closely monitor the development of the epidemic and will also review the provision of various public services. When the epidemic is further stabilized, government departments will gradually resume providing other basic public services. At that time, individual departments will make separate announcements on the latest arrangements for related services.

  The spokesman urged citizens in need to use methods such as mailing, drop-in boxes or online services to obtain the services they need. At the same time, citizens must always wear masks when entering or in any government building or office, and follow the epidemic prevention measures implemented by relevant departments, including body temperature testing and crowd control arrangements.