Hey! Say! JUMP Kei Inoo confirmed new corona infection August 13 22:58

It has been confirmed that Kei Inoo of the popular idol group "Hey! Say! JUMP" has been infected with the new coronavirus, the office said. It means that no other members of the group have been infected.

According to the Johnny's office to which he belongs, Mr. Inoo felt malaise from the night of the 6th of this month and had a mild cold symptom, but he did not have a fever, and the office he received on the 5th of the previous day, the office became his talent. He was observing the course because he was negative in the antibody tests that he carried out sequentially.

Then, as a precaution, I got a PCR test and it was confirmed as positive on the night of the 12th, and now I am recovering at home.

There are no close contacts among the staff and employees of the office, and other members and managers in charge are all negative in the PCR test.

The Johnny's office said, "If we find a person who has a heavy contact with someone other than our company, we will contact you without any inconvenience so that we can tell you the situation individually and ask the public health center for instructions. Wearing a mask and hand washing , We will continue to do what we can to ensure safety, such as measures to prevent telework and time lag, and avoid crowding."

*The notation of "a" in "Say" is the shape inside the circle of "@".