, Nanjing, August 13 (He Liting and Xu Shanshan) Recently, a group of graduation photos of Guanyun Experimental Primary School in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province was swiped online. In the graduation photos of the 12 classes, Shi Dongliang is very eye-catching wearing a police uniform "C position debut". Zheng Wei, director of the Yishan Police Station of the Guanyun County Public Security Bureau, commented on this on the 13th that he was so hot, not accidental, but really paying with love.

  Shi Dongliang participated in the work of auxiliary police in 1999 and is now an auxiliary police officer of the traffic police squadron of the Yishan Police Station of the Guanyun County Public Security Bureau. In the position of auxiliary traffic police, Shi Dongliang has been working for 21 years. He has been “running” in nursing school for many years and has won wide acclaim from all walks of life.

Shi Dongliang trot and opened his arms, escorting the children across the zebra crossing in the "chick-guarding style". Photo by Wang Shoubo

  "Sweat in summer, ice in winter, soil on sunny days, and mud on rainy days. This is a true portrayal of his work." Zheng Wei introduced that Shi Dongliang was responsible for clearing vehicles at the school gate and escorting students across the road, no matter the cold winter or the heat. Windy and rainy, day by day.

  Guanyun Experimental Primary School is close to the scenic spot, with a lot of people and vehicles in front of it. To this end, the Guanyun County Public Security Bureau set up a "nursing post" here.

  During school hours every day, Shi Dongliang arrives early and directs passing vehicles to slow down and evade. He often opens his arms and protects students across the zebra crossing. Whenever he sees a student in need, he will take the initiative to lend a helping hand.

Shi Dongliang's daily work in the "nursing post". Photo by Wang Shoubo

  In the past 6 years, his way of running and nursing school has become a warm and humanistic landscape at the entrance of the school and won the love of students. A child once left a message to him: "You are so hard, and you send us ban (zebra) xian (line) to school every day."

  This year's graduation season, the 2014 students specially invited Shi Dongliang to take graduation photos together, expressing gratitude to him for his 6 years of guarding. Fu Mingliu, the principal of Guanyun Experimental Primary School, said that for the children, the graduation photo taken by Shi Dongliang together is full of their fond memories of nursing school.

Shi Dongliang won the love of the children. Photo by Wang Shoubo

  Over the past 6 years in charge of school transportation and nursing posts, Shi Dongliang has received 7 pennants spontaneously presented by the masses and 3 thank-you letters, two of which were jointly signed by 72 parents and 109 parents. In March last year, Shi Dongliang was listed on the "China's Good People List".

  The parents of the students said in the letter, "Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, severe cold and scorching heat, he worked hard to run back and forth on the road more than ten meters long...With him, our parents can rest assured."

Shi Dongliang in the hearts of the children. Photo by He Liting

  "It's easy to do one thing well, and being able to stick to one thing and achieve the best is the most valuable." Zheng Wei praised this. (Finish)