75 years after "Otsuki air raid" Yamanashi Otsuki August 14 8:07


Just before the end of the war, a memorial service was held on the 13th to commemorate the students of a female school who were victimized by the air raid that hit Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

In the "Otsuki Air Raid" on August 13, 1945, more than 50 people were killed, including female students and citizens of the former Tsuru High School.

On the 13th, 75 years after the air raid, a memorial service was held at a temple in the city to memorialize the victims, and about 20 people attended, including bereaved families and students from the Tsuru High School, which was formerly the Tsuru High School.

Chairman Hiroyoshi Omata of the Tsuru High School Alumni Association said, "Don't let the Otsuki air raids weather. It's important to convey the experiences of those days to young people."

After burning the incense, the attendees moved to the "Mezukazuka" where the hair of the deceased student was stored, and gently held their hands together with the flowers in their hands.

Every year, victims' classmates also attended, but this time, due to the influence of the new coronavirus and the aging of the population, they have stopped attending.

Shizuko Kikuta (82), who lost his 16-year-old sister at the time, said, "It was two days before the end of the war, so I can only say that I am disappointed. The war should never happen again."

Also, a 3rd year student at Tsuru High School said, "I want to remember the regrets of my seniors who were robbed of their future by the war" and "I want to feel the value of peace and pass it on to future generations." It was.