Independent production company White Lantern (Britannica) Ltd. (WLFB), which produced the sci-fi thriller Patriot, responded to actress Eva Green's demands for a $ 1 million fee.

“Ms. Green did not provide any acting services for this film, her foot never stepped on the set, and she was not involved in the pre-production process. It may “upset” her that, although she violated the terms of the contract, the million dollar fee is not due to her, ”- said in a statement WLFB, published on the Deadline website on August 13.

It notes that the WLFB borrowed a large sum of money to attract Eva Green to the project, and paid the cost of preparing for the filming of all members of her team. However, the actress allegedly unilaterally and without prior notice refused to shoot, as a result of which the company suffered serious financial losses: the damage is estimated at more than $ 4 million.


In the film "Patriot" the actress was supposed to play the main role. She was also going to act as the executive producer of the picture. Filming was expected to take place in August 2019, but has been postponed twice. Production of the film was later stopped.

Eva Green's conflict with the Patriot-producing company White Lantern (Britannica) Ltd. in a public field began in the summer, and it was the actress who initiated the trial. She demanded the payment of a contractual fee of £ 800,000 ($ 1 million), as well as reimbursement of legal costs. According to Green, she entered into a pay-or-play contact (in cinematography, this term means that an actor receives payments for a film, even if it was not launched or did not become successful).

The WLFB did not agree with this. They turned down Greene's demands last week. According to the producers, it was the actress who disrupted the shooting after the company refused to fulfill her "unreasonable demands." Eva Green insisted that the WLFB hire several additional crew members, including special effects supervisor George Zwier, who worked on the Star Wars: Skywalker films. Sunrise "and" Artemis Fowle ", and its own team of assistants. Green also wanted to bring in Scripting Assistant Jeanette McGrath (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Game of Thrones) to the project.

The participation of the above specialists would increase the film's budget by $ 326 thousand. The producers did not approve of such costs, despite the fact that, according to Green, she was ready to give up part of her own royalties in favor of her team.

Representatives of the WLFB demanded that Eva Green compensate them for damages of more than £ 1 million ($ 1.3 million), as well as reimburse the profit that could potentially be brought by the unfinished film. According to producers' estimates, this amount runs the risk of exceeding £ 100 million ($ 130 million).  

According to WLFB lawyer Max Mullin, “By her behavior, Ms Greene demonstrated that she had no intention and / or desire to end the production of the film. (Her - RT ) the demands were excessive ... (These demands - RT ) became a significant hindrance to the management of the White Lantern film company, led to delays and additional costs, and impeded progress at various stages of pre-production. "

Eva Green's lawyers denied all allegations, saying that the producers of WLFB themselves stopped production unilaterally, while the actress "was ready at any time to fulfill the terms of the contract, and was still willing and able to act on its basis."

They stressed that Eva Green is an actress with an impeccable professional reputation, who has never violated her obligations over 20 years of her career.