China News Service, August 12 According to the official Weibo news of Beijing Capital International Airport, the current thunderstorm weather at the Capital Airport is expected to continue until 14:00. As of 13:00, 343 sorties had been executed and 142 sorties were cancelled. The thunderstorm weather will have a certain impact on the inbound and outbound flights of the Capital Airport. The Capital Airport recommends that passengers pay close attention to weather changes and flight information, and arrange travel plans reasonably.

Screenshot of the official Weibo of Beijing Capital International Airport

  Passengers can obtain relevant information through the official Weibo and WeChat accounts of the Capital Airport, or dial the information phone number 010-96158 of the Capital Airport, or directly consult the airlines for specific information (Air China 95583; China Southern Airlines 95539; Eastern Airlines 95530; Hainan Airlines 95339). The Capital Airport will do its utmost to ensure the safe travel of passengers and minimize the impact of thunderstorms on flight operations.