China News Service, Fuzhou, August 11 (Reporter Long Min) The center of this year's No. 6 typhoon "Mikra" landed on the coast of Zhangpu, Fujian at 07:30 on August 11, becoming the first typhoon to land in Fujian this year. The Flood Control Office of Fujian Province announced on the 11th that as of 20:00 on the 10th, during the typhoon prevention period, a total of more than 7,900 fishing boats have been evacuated and 21,000 have entered ports, and 74,000 people have been evacuated from fishing boats and platoons, and 61,000 people have been transferred from dangerous areas on land. people.

  The South China Sea tropical depression formed on the evening of the 9th strengthened into a tropical storm at 11 o'clock on the 10th and a typhoon at 6 o'clock on the 11th.

  Typhoon "Mikra" will bring strong wind and rain to Fujian. The Fujian Meteorological Observatory predicts that this morning, the southern Fujian fishing grounds, the southern Fujian fishing grounds and the central and southern coastal winds will be 9-11 and gusts 12-13; coastal areas and eastern inland areas will have land gusts of 8-11; the typhoon center will pass nearby. There are rotating wind levels 11-12 and gusts 13-15 levels. At the same time, from day to night today, there were torrential rains to heavy rains in central and southern Fujian.

  According to forecasts, the typhoon will continue to move to the northwest after it makes landfall, and its intensity will gradually weaken.

  As the intensity of the typhoon weakened, the order of life along the coast of Fujian gradually recovered. China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. announced that it will resume operations on August 11, G1663/2 times in Longyan, D3147/6 times in Ganzhou, D2353 times in Nanping City, D3337 times and D2303 times in Fuzhou, D3338 times and D2340 in Shenzhen North. Second, Xiamen opened G356 times to the north; on August 12, Bengbu opened G1661/4 times to Nankai, Shanghai Hongqiao opened D3145/8 times, Tianjin opened G8912 times, and Beijing Nankai opened G355 times. (Finish)