"Banned items" in the medical report of YouTube, Mustafa Hafnawi

A media report for the Egyptian "Cairo 24" website claimed that it had obtained the medical case report of the Egyptian Youtuber, Mustafa Hafnawi, who passed away yesterday, Monday, following a stroke.

The report indicated that Hafnawi took banned drugs and stimulants that worsened his health.

The text of the report stated that “Mustafa Hafnawi is taking some drugs to build and strengthen muscles, whose dose has recently been doubled without consulting any of the doctors. On blood clots. "

The report also pointed out that the deceased had a history of illness, and he visited hospitals during the month of March 2020, with frequent pain in the abdomen.

The late Mustafa Hafnawi was famous for presenting satirical videos on "Social Media", and the number of followers on his account on the "Instagram" site reached more than a million followers.