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This Monday, Angèle formalized her romantic relationship. The Belgian singer posted two photos on Instagram in which she appears by the sea, wearing a T-shirt on which is written “Portrait of women who love women”, that is to say “Portrait of women who love women ”. A formula that she takes up again in commentary before adding: "At least, it's clear ... well not clear, Marie". A butterfly emoji and a kiss emoji complete the message.

No need for Rosetta Stone to decipher this comment: Angèle confirms being in a relationship with Marie Papillon, known in particular for her humorous posts on Instagram.

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“Portrait of Women who love Women” At least, it's clear ... well not clear, Marie 🦋😘

A post shared by Angèle (@angele_vl) on Aug 10, 2020 at 6:27 am PDT

"I had the very unpleasant feeling of being hunted down"

In November the two women had been photographed without their knowledge by a French celebrity magazine which headlined in front of the singer: "She has found love". “I expected gossip, but not this. It is very violent to realize that the paparazzi hid outside your home and waited hours to premeditiously catch the image that would sell. I had the very unpleasant feeling of being hunted down. It goes beyond anything I had ever understood and known. How could my private life be of such an interest? », Reacted the artist later during an interview with Télérama .

By this message published on her Instagram account, Angèle regains control over the aspects of her private life that she wishes to make public. If she does not specify to be lesbian, bisexual or pansexual - it is up to her to choose the terms with which she wishes to define herself - she has nonetheless come out.

Marie Papillon reacted immediately to this post. "She's lucky this clear," she wrote in the comments, adding a heart emoji. “So what about me !!” Angela replied.


"When the album came out, I was rewarded by people and I understood that I had my place", says Angèle.


Angèle is among the 30 most influential European artists under 30 according to Forbes

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