A government inquiry already recommended in 2017 that Sweden introduce a discount which means that the state repays 25 percent of what film and television productions spend in the country. 

Since then, politicians of all colors have been in favor of production rebates, but the red-green governments have failed to implement the reform.

No corona support

In an open letter to Minister of Culture Amanda Lind, Minister of Trade and Industry Ibrahim Baylan and Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson on Monday, representatives of the industry emphasize that the production side in the film and television industry has not yet received any corona support. 

“The special crisis package for culture is reserved for actors who have been affected by canceled events. We have also expressed the need for cultural support for the producing companies. ” 

"Finally get shot"

An appropriate support, it is written, would be that “Sweden finally comes to fruition and matches the so-called production incentives that the EU regulations allow and which in principle the whole of the rest of Europe has already introduced. Today, only Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg are excluded. ”

Production incentives or production discounts are a simple idea: if you introduce a substantial tax rebate for film recordings, then you will get more film recordings and the film industry will be stronger. Not least, it will be possible to attract several major international productions here.

competitive Disadvantage

And the answer to the question why the film industry should be allowed to enjoy such a blessing is simple and stark: most other countries in Europe have already introduced production discounts, as long as Sweden does not follow suit, we have a disadvantage in the competition for international productions. 

The letter is signed by Eva Hamilton, chairman of the film and television producers, as well as representatives of eleven other central companies and organizations, including SVT, TV4, SF Studios, Teaterförbundet and Film i Väst.